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Melodies Made by Wind Instruments

I really wonder how I would feel if my sense of hearing is lost. That would be seriously daunting, I guess. No one would ever want to live a life with no ability to hear. Life would then seem to be useless and very boring. With all those different instruments to play around, and the sound that turns into melody, I’ll be forever thankful that I can hear.

Though I’m not a gifted musician myself, I still love the sounds that instruments make, especially those that appear very weird and mimic the sound of the surrounding. I remember playing the different sounds a wind instrument called top didgeridoo can make. It was my first time to see it online so I tried to click the buttons that play the sounds, and it made me appreciate more the gift of hearing and the natural sounds filled my room that kicked my boredom away.


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How to Change NTSC to PAL with Movavi Video Converter

NTSC or in other words, National Television System Committee is a standard of color TV that is applicable in some of the nations in Asia as well as South America. On the other hand, Phase Alternating Line is a format, which is generally used in some countries of Western Europe, Australia and in Africa. These standards for video encoding are not compatible to each other. As a result, if you track video in one format such as NTSC, then the individuals who are using another one, that is, PAL format would not be able to view your video. So, there is a need of conversion from one format to another.

 photo NTSCtoPAL_zps94458a7a.jpg

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Transfer Old Vinyl Records to Your Computer via USB Turntables

There are still many people who own those old record playing vinyls and some even buy and collect them as souvenirs of the old genre. It’s a great investment alright but of course to further enjoy the music, you need to have a turntable, well unless you plan on just storing them as display in your living room.

In this modern day where technology has risen to powerful and great lengths, a turntable is considered an antique. So, what will you do with those old vinyl records that you spent so much money on when you were young?

Don’t be dismayed, let me introduce you to USB Turntables! Yeah you read it right, turntables have now become high-tech!

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Good Quality Color Guard Flags

You know those parades where you see different flags (not necessarily of countries) that are oh so colourful and beautiful? They sway to the tune of the marching band and it’s actually a spectacular scene especially for tourists. These color guard flags are used for different occasions – in street festivities, carnivals or school activities.

 photo PracticeFlags_zps91982437.jpg

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Summer Activities for Kids

The scorching summer heat is upon us and I bet, most of you have already plans to go on vacation somewhere cold or at least not as hot. The kids are already on school break, so the whole family will be complete.

But, what to do while waiting for that vacation schedule? Surely, your kids will get bored especially teens and would want to do something else than sulk in their rooms!

What are your interests? What can you and the kids do at the same time to learn and bond as well?

So, here’s a few tips that may save you and your kids from boredom.

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Of Birthdays and Getting Old…

I just celebrated my birthday and turned blip! blip! years old (*wink*).. Sorry ’bout that but age is just a number and it doesn’t matter how young or old a person is. What matters in my own opinion, is that you are living the life that you want and comfortable, happy and contented with it.

Birthday Cakes

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Beginner Keyboards for Your Kids

Children these days are more musically inclined compared to past generations. Perhaps, modern songs are easier to pick up that even a 2 year old can lip sync an artist.

I remember when my youngest was 2 1/2 years old, he was able to follow the beat and some lyrics of a song sang by Bruno Mars. He was so into karaoke, be it on the television or youtube, so we recorded some of his stints. A time came when he was so fascinated over his older brother’s Casio keyboard and played with the chordsΒ every morning as if he was Bruno Mars in one of his videos, lol.

So, when he turned 3 and still in love with playing the Casio, hubby and I decided to buy him a beginner’s keyboard, something that is suitable for kids his age but more like a toy piano. We were on a hunt for the best keyboards for some time, luckily, we found one in another city.

Sad that after 2 years, it’s no longer functioning, what with the constant beating of a toddler who thought it also functioned like drums, lol. It looked something like below:

Toy Piano

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Great Sounds with Exceptional Guitars

Music has been one of the greatest passions of most people nowadays. No days pass that music is ignored because this is already a part of human lifestyle. I, myself, also love music and I consider this as my passion. In everything I do, music is always my companion to avoid boredom and destruction.

As I exist here in the world, music was already people’s great desire. Whatever they do, regardless of the place, this is always with them all throughout. I love listening to human voice especially if this is accompanied by a musical instrument like the exceptional Gibson Les Paul guitars, totally awesome. As I can observe everywhere, many people of all ages are usually having earphones in their ears whether they are riding on a jeepney, walking down the road or just sitting around the corner. Aside from this, I also noticed that a big bass was booming around every house in the town. This only signifies that music has been their favorite past time and boredom relief.

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Music: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

I really love this song and been hearing it over different radio channels since the Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 2 opened in cinemas. My kids love it too and practically singing it every morning with their apogee mic. Though they don’t understand what loving for a thousand years mean nor the entire lyrics, they so love the melody.

Last night, when I was working and needed some inspiration, I searched for it in YouTube. Imagine, for about an hour, and until I learned the whole lyrics, I’ve played it over and again! LOL. I know hubby was listening and he knows that it’s not often that I come across a song that would truly perk up my emotion. In short, I was touched by it’s entirety – the words, melody and video and made my eyes teary.

Hubby and I have our theme songs, though I know it’s a bit cheesy (corny), I’ve decided to add it on our list.

Anyway, it’s his birthday today and I’m not supposed to work, lol. So, I’m leaving you with this video and I hope you’ll like it!

Happy Birthday, Hon! I waited for you ’til you came into my life. I will Love you for a thousand years and more!

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Scouting for A Musical Instrument Gift?

The Holiday season is just around the corner and some of us haven’t gone shopping yet. Aside from the lack of time, we’re in a dilemma on what to give to our loved ones especially our kids, right? I bet we share the same stressed feeling and I am truly having a hard time scheduling a shopping spree with all the projects I’m handling.

korg kronos musicians friend

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