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Melodies Made by Wind Instruments


I really wonder how I would feel if my sense of hearing is lost. That would be seriously daunting, I guess. No one would ever want to live a life with no ability to hear. Life would then seem to be useless and very boring. With all those different instruments to play around, and the sound that turns into melody, I’ll be forever thankful that I can hear.

Though I’m not a gifted musician myself, I still love the sounds that instruments make, especially those that appear very weird and mimic the sound of the surrounding. I remember playing the different sounds a wind instrument called top didgeridoo can make. It was my first time to see it online so I tried to click the buttons that play the sounds, and it made me appreciate more the gift of hearing and the natural sounds filled my room that kicked my boredom away.


I am really fond of making different sounds using whatever I can see around me. Well, I’m not saying that I am addicted to it all the time, but I just love the thought on how those sounds are produced and how they travel to my ears. When I was a kid, I remember asking these to my big sister and she was just so skilled on making good stories out of it, but then I found out the truth behind it later on. During our Music class, I can’t stop myself from staring into the slideshows with images of different instruments and how sounds are produced from them. But I don’t seem to remember anything about didgeridoo that time so I was awestruck when I surf the net and how that instrument looks like and how blowing can do tricks on this kind of instrument. I would love to try this myself someday. How would my face look like when I blew a didgeridoo? That seems funny just imagining it. But who cares about how you look anyway, right?

I would love to try out other instruments, too, and explore how to create beautiful sounds myself. Not that I don’t appreciate the modern instruments that flood the music industry today, but I crave for those that can give me some kind of satisfaction, regardless of how it looks like or how it used. The feeling of learning something new, like learning to play didgeridoo for example, is one that can be a great way to appreciate more that there is from nature. That’s what feel and like to believe, and I would definitely not stop playing the sounds of desire that burn inside and get one of those great masters of sound someday.


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