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Calcium and Vitamin D: The Cornerstones of Strong Bones

We all need strong, healthy bones. After all, they comprise the hard framework on which the entire body is built. Without them, we all won’t survive, as there will be nothing to support our muscles and nothing to protect our vital organs. We won’t even have blood, as the components that make it are made in—you guessed it—the bone marrow. 

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#Skinmergency: Rapid Soothing Relief with Aveeno Baby

This rainy season, our skin is extra vulnerable to triggers and irritations. Even babies are no exception to different skin conditions like Eczema. According to the Philippine Dermatological Society, Atopic Dermatitis is even more common among children as it usually starts before the child’s 5th birthday. Luckily, Aveeno Baby brings in exciting new products and new and improved formulations to help moms soothe and protect their baby’s sensitive skin! 

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MSMEs Demonstrate that e-commerce is for Everyone in Shopee

The current global situation brought about significant lifestyle changes: more people are working from home, consumers are shopping online for their convenience, and business owners are transitioning to online and e-commerce platforms to stay afloat. Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, shares three sellers who found success online with Shopee and how they are preparing for the much-anticipated 9.9 Super Shopping Day. 

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Google and Mommy Mundo Announce Internet Awesome Parents Webinar Series

Google, in collaboration with the country’s pioneering parenting resource and community Mommy Mundo, is launching the “Internet Awesome Parents” webinar series. It aims to equip parents and guardians with the knowledge and tools of educating their kids about internet safety and digital responsibility.

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XTREME Appliances: Up to 52% Discount on Shopee and Lazada 9.9 Sale

With the ber months coming through, the holiday season is definitely just around the corner. As always, you’ll probably start hearing Christmas songs playing wherever you are. Right after the first half of the year, the next thing you’ll know is it’s the gift-giving season again.

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McDonald’s Barbie or Hot Wheels Happy Meal Collector’s Set!

The iconic toys loved by children all over the world are back again at McDonald’s, and this time, they come with an even greater deal! The Barbie or Hot Wheels Happy Meal Collector’s Set lets you get your money’s worth with four delicious meals, four Barbie or Hot Wheels toys of your choice, and a FREE limited-edition tumbler starting at PHP 399!

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FWD Life Insurance covers COVID-19 and vaccine complications in affordable plans

FWD Life Insurance announced the inclusion of COVID-19-related coverage reward through affordable and digitally accessible insurance plans that provide life, accident, and critical illness protection. In partnership with Pacific Cross Insurance, the reward covers in-patient treatment of diagnosed COVID-19 illness or complications from COVID-19 vaccinations.

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Shopee Is Giving Away ₱1 Million Worth of Free Money this 9.9 Super Shopping Day

If you love online shopping, you should know that there are plenty of benefits to using ShopeePay, Shopee’s all-in-one e-wallet, to pay for your purchases.

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5 must-try Meals to Cook on Air Fryer

Air fryers can help you quickly prepare healthy meals because they can fry food without oil, in a jiffy. But the number one question prospective air fryer owners usually have is:  “What else can I cook aside from fried dishes?” The answer is – A lot!

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Boost Your Immune System and Win Up To P2.5M from Pru Life UK

Prepare the jackets, umbrellas, and vitamins—it’s the rainy season again! For some, this means hot meals and bed weather but for others, this requires taking additional precautions to avoid the flu.

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