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Ipadama ang Alaga in the New Normal

While acts of love and care are universal, Filipinos are definitely more of the expressive kind. We’ve grown accustomed to physical touch – from our yakapakbays, and besos – to show how much we share our love for the people we hold dear.  


Pampers New Overnight Pants: No Changes Now Possible!

In an ideal world, parents would blissfully prepare baby’s bedtime routine as they happily put baby to sleep. Off to dreamland they go where baby settles down all comfy and protected and both getting their share of a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

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Jollibee: Enjoy Warm Moments with crispylicious, juicylicious Chickenjoy

The pandemic has made us busier than ever. With life happening from home, it is easy to get consumed with all the responsibilities and limitations we have to deal with.


McDonald’s Happy Meal Purchase Made A Child Happy last Holiday Season

Launched last November 27, McDonald’s Happy Meal Buy 1 Share 1 Program aimed to help spread happiness to Filipino children last holiday season. Making the smallest of things count, every Happy Meal purchased that went for as low as Php90 can make not just one, but two children happier as McDonald’s matches each purchase by gifting a toy or a book to kids from partner beneficiaries.

Food Talk

Jollibee Ready to Cook Garlic Pepper Marinated Chicken

Jollibee innovates with a new way to bring restaurant-quality food to Filipinos with an exciting and delicious new meal anyone can easily prepare at home. Presenting the New Jollibee Ready to Cook Garlic Pepper Marinated Chicken, a first from the Philippines’ top quick-service restaurant chain.

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Self-care in the New Normal for Stay-at-home Moms

The new normal has changed the routines of families at home. With most family members working or attending classes from home, stay-at-home moms — who usually take the lead in taking care of the entire household — most likely has little time for herself.


‘Be Still’ Gospel Album Streaming on You Tube, Spotify and Soundcloud

A song that was created for someone who was going through a difficult time in life has now evolved into something that anyone who has been through tough times can relate to. Whenever we encounter problems or hardships, the tendency is to either fight or fly. This song however tells us to do the opposite: Be Still.

Health Buzz

Safeguard: Building Handwashing Hubs in Public Spaces

After Safeguard Philippines’ successful launch and run of the #SafeWash Movement, the brand continues with its commitment to strengthening the handwashing practice of Filipinos. The brand ensures that the knowledge on proper handwashing is met with work on ensuring there is hand hygiene access for Filipinos. With millions of Filipinos all over the country that still don’t have proper access to handwashing facilities, Safeguard partnered with Manila Water Foundation (MWF) to construct handwashing facilities all over Metro Manila; to add to the list of handwashing facilities they have built throughout the years.

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Vitasoy Milky Town: Fun Games, Recipe Ideas and Prizes

In the spirit of staying at home and staying healthy, Vitasoy recently launched Vitasoy Milky Town, an online hub where you can discover entertaining and informative content about Vitasoy Plus Milky. Visitors can enjoy a milky adventure with the website’s various recipe tutorial videos and fun games, and even win prizes in the weekly raffle draws.


Jollibee Virtual Party: Experience Joyful Celebrations

Celebrating with family or friends is always a special and meaningful event for Filipinos. Every parent wants to give their kids only the best and most memorable birthday party while friends and family members put in extra effort in preparing for a joyful Christmas celebration.  Whatever the occasion, Pinoys truly cherish such special occasions where they bond over great food with people special to them.