Good Quality Color Guard Flags


You know those parades where you see different flags (not necessarily of countries) that are oh so colourful and beautiful? They sway to the tune of the marching band and it’s actually a spectacular scene especially for tourists. These color guard flags are used for different occasions – in street festivities, carnivals or school activities.

 photo PracticeFlags_zps91982437.jpg

It’s hard to find high-quality flags that won’t break your wallet. More so if what’s being used in the practice, will be the same one to be used in the main ceremony. There’s a higher chance while practicing, the flags get torn and dirty. Cheaper ones tend to lose its striking colour once washed, so you need to buy new ones in time for the celebration.

There’s a solution to that… why not buy inexpensive temporary flags like the image above and use them for practicing? You don’t need those big mighty ones in practice, anyway. Sounds practical, right?

Now, that you know, be sure to think twice before using your main flags to practice. Saves money, indeed.


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