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Musings of a Mother


Mothers are wonderful people and I’m proud to be one of them! We think not of ourselves but of our families first. We love like no other and with no boundaries.

Mother and Child

For me, every day should be Mother’s Day. We don’t require lavish gifts, just a simple hug and kiss will suffice to help us go about our days. Though of course, if you’re such a dear and would love to give your mom a special gift on our very special day, you can get personalized mothers rings with her name engraved. I’m sure she’d be very happy to wear it always close to her heart.

We value anything you show and give us. From the simple school artworks you take home every single day when you were a kid and proudly show us, rendering a song we truly like, as well as giving a portion of your salary when you are all grown up to help with house expenses.

Simple things you do can make us happy and we are most proud when you have reached your goals in life. Though we will still love our children no matter what, even if they have crossed an uncertain path. We’ll be sure to be there when you need us, to guide and to hold your hand when you most need guidance.

Whatever happens and whatever problems, we will support you all the way. That’s a mother’s love that no one can compare…


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