Catch the Launch of the Newest Pampers Newborn Kit this April 14!

Your baby deserves the best protection from morning ’til night and this includes having a dependable nappy. Good thing you have Pampers to keep you and your baby, worry-free! And here’s some really great news! Pampers is launching its newest product on Shopee – the Newborn Kit this April 14!

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Reaching Across the Digital Divide to Protect our Kids

In a recent report, the global online charity group Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) declared that 2021 was the worst year on record for child sexual abuse online as lockdowns saw younger children being targeted by internet groomers. Last year, the IWF took action against 252,000 websites globally that contained unsafe images and videos for children.

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Meta Launches Instagram Parents Guide Designed for Filipino Families

This Safer Internet Day, Meta launched the Instagram Parents Guide to educate Filipino parents on Instagram’s safety features and empower them to initiate conversations with their children on online safety and mental well-being.  

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Google and Mommy Mundo Announce Internet Awesome Parents Webinar Series

Google, in collaboration with the country’s pioneering parenting resource and community Mommy Mundo, is launching the “Internet Awesome Parents” webinar series. It aims to equip parents and guardians with the knowledge and tools of educating their kids about internet safety and digital responsibility.

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#NoMomLikeYou: Celebrity Moms Share Realities Parenting in a Pandemic

Being a mom is one of the toughest yet most rewarding jobs in the world. Aside from taking charge of the growth and development of their children, mothers carry a lot of responsibilities in the household. Mothers experience a lot of pressure that often times lead them to feel doubtful and critical about themselves.

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Heroic Tales of Love and Care from Mom Frontliners

One trait that best defines moms is their being selfless — always ready to make sacrifices for her family and her kids. This is particularly seen during these difficult times where mothers, particularly those in the frontlines, have stepped up to be the first line of defense of both their household and the community. 

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PAL Stewardess Breastfeeds Hungry Baby Passenger

Motherhood sees no boundaries when it comes to giving the best for one’s own children. A loving mother’s instinct would naturally ensure the wellbeing of her child.

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Mommy Forum: Mother-Baby Friendly Philippines – A Breastfeeding Campaign

Breastfeeding may be challenging but it’s so worth it! The bond that ties between mother and baby is something special and I wish every mother can experience that wonderful feeling. I was given a chance, for just a few months, and I would like to help in educating women on the importance of breastfeeding.

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Hiyas Books: Helpful Tool for Good Reading Habits

Books are a great tool to impart knowledge and values to our children. It’s also a way to introduce them to the big world. Choosing which books to give to your children is vital, especially if they are still in their formative years.

Nowadays, the internet has a huge impact on children. Nevertheless, parents still have other tools they can use in teaching values to their kids. A helpful tool is a good book that children will enjoy reading. But with so many children’s books available in the bookstores, it can be a challenge for parents to choose the right book.

Hiyas, OMF Literature’s imprint on children’s books, assists parents by publishing books that help children form healthy habits and grow in Godly character. Plus, the books are fun to read! Hiyas offers a wide selection of books on different topics, ranging from books on values and health to Bible stories and activity books.

Hiyas Bee Helpful - Dee the Bee Book

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Kids Fair 2017: “Bright! Right From The Start”

Summer is the perfect time to let your children explore and learn new things and the first ever Kids Fair was one of the timely events.

Kids Fair 2017: “Bright! Right From The Start”/></center></p>
<p>KIDS FAIR 2017: “Bright! Right From The Start” was an event that sets an environment of learning, discovery, and fun for kids with various activities that helped them improve their creative and thinking skills. From the moment they set foot in the fair, the fun begins – filled with delightful servings of games that stimulated creativity, sportsmanship, and problem-solving skills. </p>
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