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How to Change NTSC to PAL with Movavi Video Converter


NTSC or in other words, National Television System Committee is a standard of color TV that is applicable in some of the nations in Asia as well as South America. On the other hand, Phase Alternating Line is a format, which is generally used in some countries of Western Europe, Australia and in Africa. These standards for video encoding are not compatible to each other. As a result, if you track video in one format such as NTSC, then the individuals who are using another one, that is, PAL format would not be able to view your video. So, there is a need of conversion from one format to another.

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Conversion between NTSC and PAL is such a job that you cannot do alone as it will want you to invest in some best software. To complete this conversion process, it is better to use the Movavi software for NTSC to PAL converter. It is one of the leading software producers and is free from any type of malware.

Some details about the easy conversion process

The Movavi software comprises a powerful and effective video converting quality that can do the conversion from NTSC to PAL and also vice versa in a very easy manner. MPEG-1 as well as MPEG-2 such as VCD, or DVD is always supported by this software. This video converting system also handles AVI video and even WMV video conversions. In order to utilize the NTSC to PAL video converting system of the software, the user should click the button of Conversions and then the Video Converter tab from the main window of software or choose the Convert Video button from the main interface of software. From the window of ultimate video converter, you can select the MPEG or some other formats of video files that you want to convert and then choose the output format.

When you have already installed the video suite, you should verify the checkbox titled as burn to DVD- before initiating the conversion. The DVD creation tool would be automatically activated after the conversion. So you have to put one writable DVD to the drive and then choose the burn disc option.

Advantages of converting NTSC-PAL video

When the files already exist in your list, you can become ready to convert. You can easily transform the whole lists of video files with just no effort. The video converter feature of Movavi is very fast and easy to use. Some better video converter choices are obtainable for those who desire to take benefit of them, although they are totally optional, making Movavi the ideal software to transform from NTSC to format of PAL or for individuals of any experience level. In converting from PAL into NTSC and also vice versa, the point to bear in mind is that the NTSC video has a resolution of about 720 by 480 and its frame rate is 30 fps, whereas PAL supports a resolution of about 720 by 576 and its frame rate is 25 fps. So, from the above patterns, it has become clear that PAL provides a better picture quality but NTSC offers a better motion picture on account of the higher refresh rate.

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