Beginner Keyboards for Your Kids

Children these days are more musically inclined compared to past generations. Perhaps, modern songs are easier to pick up that even a 2 year old can lip sync an artist.

I remember when my youngest was 2 1/2 years old, he was able to follow the beat and some lyrics of a song sang by Bruno Mars. He was so into karaoke, be it on the television or youtube, so we recorded some of his stints. A time came when he was so fascinated over his older brother’s Casio keyboard and played with the chords¬†every morning as if he was Bruno Mars in one of his videos, lol.

So, when he turned 3 and still in love with playing the Casio, hubby and I decided to buy him a beginner’s keyboard, something that is suitable for kids his age but more like a toy piano. We were on a hunt for the best keyboards for some time, luckily, we found one in another city.

Sad that after 2 years, it’s no longer functioning, what with the constant beating of a toddler who thought it also functioned like drums, lol. It looked something like below:

Toy Piano