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Goldilocks Sarap Pinggang Pinoy Promotes Healthy Eating

Goldilocks isn’t just all about cakes and sweets because believe it or not, the company also promotes healthy eating habits for Pinoys. In fact this July, in partnership with the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), they re-introduced the Pinggang Pinoy Meals. The advocacy started in 2015, where Goldilocks’ all-time favorites were based on the FNRI guidelines of the Food Guide Pyramid. It aims to help provide the right amount of nutrients and calories needed by the average Filipino.

Goldilocks Pinggang Pinoy Meals

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12th Goldilocks Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge with Timeless Designs #ICDC2018

It isn’t easy to bake and decorate a cake, more so if you’re pressured for time and in a competition! That’s what I witnessed at the recent Goldilocks Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge (ICDC). But I was amazed at how cool the students from different colleges were as they breezed through the challenges as if it was just an ordinary day and no pressure at all!

12th Goldilocks Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge with Timeless Designs


Goldilocks Sweet Attack App

Last month, Goldilocks celebrated the National Cake Day and also launched their very first interactive smartphone app called the “Sweet Attack“. Wanna guess how to play the game? It involves the Goldilocks 50th Anniversary cake logo and ants!!!

Goldilocks Philippines

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Goldilocks’ National Cake Day #GoldiCakeDay

It was a riot at SM City Manila last November 26th, especially inside the Goldilocks store because people lined up to partake in the National Cake Day. We all love desserts and for only Php149/person, one can enjoy the “Cake-All-You-Can Buffet! And when pinoys hear or see the word “buffet” especially as such a low price to pay, you bet they will come flocking in groups! lol

Goldilocks National Cake Day
Photo: GoldilocksPH

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Goldilocks 50th Anniversary Cakes Found!!!

The Goldilocks 50th Anniversary Cakes in billboards nationwide had gone missing a few months ago and much buzz were created by the company to attract attention including print and Social Media. And now, the search is over! The missing Goldilocks cakes have been found!

Early last June, Goldilocks billboards in key areas of the metropolis simultaneously displayed a giant 50th Anniversary celebration cake. The signature cake was truly attention-grabbing, featuring a delightfully decorated mocha cake with a number 50 candle topping it off.

Roughly a week later, however, countless people were perplexed when these cakes literally went missing, leaving a gaping cake-shaped hole hole right in the middle of the billboards. Discussions and theories flew left and right on social media, with news reports in mainstream print and television following suit. People wanted to know… where was the Goldilocks 50th Anniversary Cake?

Goldilocks 50th Anniversary Cakes Found

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Goldilocks 50th Anniversary Cake on Billboards Nationwide Mysteriously Disappeared!

The country’s best-loved bakeshop – Goldilocks has recently been on top stories of leading Social Media buzz feeds. Why? Because people are concerned seeing their giant 50th Anniversary cakes plastered on Goldilocks billboards nationwide simultaneously disappeared!

At first, I thought it was just a propaganda or an advertising strategy but apparently, even “the company itself does not seem to know where their cakes went.”

Goldilocks The Great Cake Caper

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Goldilocks Chocolate Caramel Decadence Cake

Goldilocks and Father’s Day is a perfect combination especially when it comes to cakes! Though I think most of this treat will be devoured by none other than the kids and of course, yours truly, hahahaha

Goldilocks Chocolate Caramel Decadence Cake for Father's Day