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Carpentry – Most Unappreciated Job

In our modern world today, there are many popular jobs and professions that are valued much. But, lots of people tend to underestimate carpenters and their field of work because they believe that this job is suited only for poor people. But, carpentry is one of the most important professions since we need workers to build houses and buildings, so generally, we can’t do without them.


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Online Contests

Three Kings Day Giveaway Twitter follow page 4

three kings day giveaway

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Entertainment Music

Great Sounds with Exceptional Guitars

Music has been one of the greatest passions of most people nowadays. No days pass that music is ignored because this is already a part of human lifestyle. I, myself, also love music and I consider this as my passion. In everything I do, music is always my companion to avoid boredom and destruction.

As I exist here in the world, music was already people’s great desire. Whatever they do, regardless of the place, this is always with them all throughout. I love listening to human voice especially if this is accompanied by a musical instrument like the exceptional Gibson Les Paul guitars, totally awesome. As I can observe everywhere, many people of all ages are usually having earphones in their ears whether they are riding on a jeepney, walking down the road or just sitting around the corner. Aside from this, I also noticed that a big bass was booming around every house in the town. This only signifies that music has been their favorite past time and boredom relief.

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Entertainment Music

Music: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

I really love this song and been hearing it over different radio channels since the Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 2 opened in cinemas. My kids love it too and practically singing it every morning with their apogee mic. Though they don’t understand what loving for a thousand years mean nor the entire lyrics, they so love the melody.

Last night, when I was working and needed some inspiration, I searched for it in YouTube. Imagine, for about an hour, and until I learned the whole lyrics, I’ve played it over and again! LOL. I know hubby was listening and he knows that it’s not often that I come across a song that would truly perk up my emotion. In short, I was touched by it’s entirety – the words, melody and video and made my eyes teary.

Hubby and I have our theme songs, though I know it’s a bit cheesy (corny), I’ve decided to add it on our list.

Anyway, it’s his birthday today and I’m not supposed to work, lol. So, I’m leaving you with this video and I hope you’ll like it!

Happy Birthday, Hon! I waited for you ’til you came into my life. I will Love you for a thousand years and more!

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Random Musings

Black Friday – Thanksgiving Day Store Hours

I’ve already seen some photos of people sleeping in their lines, waiting for stores to open. I’ll do the same too just to grab huge deals. I just hope that nobody gets hurt when the stores’ doors finally open. I’m sure you guys want to get great deals too, just be safe.

Anyway, it’s Black Friday online too and I’m looking into buyingΒ Alexander Reeds at WWBW, they might have this on sale. You don’t have to wait in line to get inside your fave store, you can browse the net and shop online. It beats waiting and sweating with thousands of people grabbing every item they can get.

Black Friday - Thanksgiving Day Store Hours

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Scouting for A Musical Instrument Gift?

The Holiday season is just around the corner and some of us haven’t gone shopping yet. Aside from the lack of time, we’re in a dilemma on what to give to our loved ones especially our kids, right? I bet we share the same stressed feeling and I am truly having a hard time scheduling a shopping spree with all the projects I’m handling.

korg kronos musicians friend

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Health Buzz

Health Benefits of Red Wine

If you are an occasional wine drinker, I bet you will love to read on and know the health benefits of Red Wine. Or at least next time you go out for a drink, you’d rather have one than any other.

Health Benefits of Red Wine

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Health Buzz

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease is Rampant!

Yesterday we were at the pedia because my teenager had a high grade fever last Thursday, and on and off on Friday. Then suddenly, red spots or rashes came out. At first, I thought it was due to the fever and he was hot as lab furnaces. Nah, just exaggerating, but he was so hot, I panicked. If you knew his condition, you’ll panic too.

Anyway, soon more rashes came out and spreading, he couldn’t swallow well (even water) plus he has sores inside his mouth. So, we decided to pay the doctor a visit. I had a hunch but would like to be sure coz I told my husband, if I am right, it’s contagious.

When we were in the doctor’s clinic, I heard the doc mentioned to a patient about HFMD or Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease and that she had seen several patients with the same disease already. So, that means, it’s spreading in the same area as mine.

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

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Cluttered Home Office? Organize It!

Having a cluttered office is a sure sign that your mind might also be a mess. The likelihood is that you would be much more productive in an office that is organized and free of clutter. Sometimes it is not all about being messy, but it is about realizing that there needs to be a dedicated place for everything.

Home Office

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Family Health Buzz

Family Health and Wellness

Most of us know the saying “Health first” or “Health is Wealth”, which means that we should not sacrifice health over anything and that we cannot buy health. This goes for the entire family, from kids to adults. It’s truly hard when a family member is sick more so if the virus or bacteria spreads, affecting not just one but all.

A healthy family means a happy family, right? But sometimes, these common viruses are needed by the body, so our system can adjust and learn how to fight these bacteria, thus increasing our defense the next time it hit us.

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