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5 Cute Photo Ideas To Take During Your Pregnancy


In the past 10 years technology has progressed in leaps and bounds. So too has the art of photography. There is nothing more meaningful to an expectant mother than to capture those special pregnancy memories on film. To be able to document through both words in a mother-to-be journal and visually in a beautiful pregnancy album is priceless. An expectant mother will go through 3 stages during her pregnancy. Each stage is more wonderful than the last and each stage provides new delights through the eye of a camera lens.

Pregnancy Photo Ideas

5 Must have Photos

Have some fun with your photos. This is a happy time in your life and it deserves to be treated with both care and enjoyment. Baby announcement, progressive, intimate, silhouette and silly are all must haves when it comes to your pregnancy photo album.

Baby Announcement

A cute photo idea to announce this magical time in your life to your friends and family is always a winner. A unique way of doing this is to project baby’s first official picture, the sonogram, onto mums tummy. This creates an almost X-ray appearance to see what baby looks like inside and to show that you are expecting.

Progressive Photo

A progressive photo is another great way to show off your journey. Pick an easy location that you can always go back to and have as the backdrop to your memories. The first photo is of mum holding the positive pregnancy test. The second is at about the 6 month mark with mum holding her baby bump. And the third and possibly final is once baby is born, holding your bundle of joy. There really isn’t a limit to these pictures as you can continue on for every birthday and create a wonderful slide show for their 18th.

Intimate Shot

An intimate photo of the couple holding the baby bump is a timeless photo that will be enjoyed for years to come. This looks best in black and white. It captures the shadows, lights and different angles that is baby’s home for the 9 month journey. And offers lasting enjoyment for the parents to look back on.


A silhouette picture look incredible on canvas. So much love can be captured through seeing just the shadowy outlines. Facing the camera lens toward the light creates this dark silhouette affect and can offer the perfect profile view that focuses solely one you and your baby bump.


Now you get to have some fun with this. Your options are endless. From putting a ‘fragile’ sticker on your tummy, to having a photo of you with your baby bump and the proud dad with his beer bump. Find something that you both enjoy and embrace and incorporate your baby into it. Some of the best captured memories stem from a mutual love which shows off the silliness.

Captured in the moment. Cherished for a lifetime

Every stage of the pregnancy is magical and well worth being caught on film. Newborn photography has become so popular over the past few years because everyone is realising just how easily memories can fade. I’ve just listed my top 5 captured moments, but the possibilities are endless & one day your baby will thank you for it this album of love.

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