Scouting for A Musical Instrument Gift?


The Holiday season is just around the corner and some of us haven’t gone shopping yet. Aside from the lack of time, we’re in a dilemma on what to give to our loved ones especially our kids, right? I bet we share the same stressed feeling and I am truly having a hard time scheduling a shopping spree with all the projects I’m handling.

korg kronos musicians friend

Okay, so let’s say your teenager is into music these days and he badly wants to join the Music Club. If he’s into playing a piano, then you might wanna check out some items this coming Black Friday, to get the most discounts ever. A korg kronos musicians friend is one great gift coz it has 9 sound engines, each offering a unique sound-creation technology. There are plenty of choices really, but it must be something that your kid will truly value and enjoy.

There are other musical instruments you can buy and give as Christmas presents. It can be a small electric guitar or the traditional one, a set of drums maybe or even a grand baby piano, if you have the budget. My little one is looking at a Paper Jamz Drum set, so we’re still thinking if we can handle the noise, lol.

My children both love playing different musical instruments and as mentioned in previous posts before, we have some weekend bonding happening at home, they will all play, including my hubby and I will be the singer and dancer. Lots of fun time really and it will be treasured forever.


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