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My life seemed to shatter into pieces when our family doctor diagnosed me with high blood pressure. I know it sounds overreacting, but knowing how people with high blood pressure live their life is definitely alarming for me. I never thought that teens my age are not exempted from this health threat. I have friends that are way older than me who are now very conscious with everything they do; even cutting back some activities we used to do just to avoid the pressure to rise. That makes me very afraid. Now, I need to constantly check my blood pressure with my newly-bought Welch Allyn sphygmomanometer to see if my blood pressure is under control. I guess I need to have that one as part of my daily routine.

Being diagnosed with a high blood pressure made me realize how living a healthy life is important. As what is noticed these days, people my age just jump on whatever life has to offer, neglecting the possible results of those actions. My friends told me that living with such condition means an end to an enjoyable living. There are a lot of creative ideas as well helpful tips that can help me get the most out of life while keeping myself healthy.

I need a change of lifestyle. I dislike taking medicines so an alternative to it is to avoid anything that might trigger the risk. Well, that starts with the food I eat. A healthy diet is really a life-saver. I need to say good bye to those processed food that I love, as well as reduce my intake of soda. I would need to say hello to more fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains. That’s totally a hundred eighty degree turn for me.  I also need to have a change in my exercise level. I already asked an exercise program from our doctor that’s going to help me, but I need to constantly remind myself to adhere.

I lived a life with less regard to my health. As a happy go lucky gal, having this sickness is like a nightmare, but for me, my wheel turned on realizing that it only calls for self-control, for me to enjoy more of what lies ahead in a healthy manner.

Guest Post: Jazz P.

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