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Technology and Health Issues


Extra caution is really needed for those who work for a number of hours in front of a computer. As the world becomes more progressive in terms of technology, a lot of people are using computers and other high tech gadgets, spending a lot of time doing either work or chatting in front of their PC or laptop. As a result, lots of individuals today consult physicians about some health issues which are related to their working habits.

I work eight hours a day online for roughly 2 years now, and recently I sensed that my body calls for a “fine tuning” because I most often feel back pains. Of course, it has to do with sitting for a long period of time and no exercise at all.

So, I started upgrading my workstation a couple of months ago. I haven’t gone far yet and just bought a new computer table. There are plans of buying a new ergonomic chair, monitor mount so that I can easily adjust or reposition my screen which helps in improving my posture, screen radiation blocker etc. So many things to improve though in my heart and mind, I know that I don’t need to spend much, frequent exercise and good diet will do, lol.

People tend to follow the trend and most often than not buy gadgets which they don’t really need, only for status symbol. I don’t flash my new android phone or tablet on Social Networking sites nor brag about to friends. Though with some, that is not their ultimate purpose.

We live in a fast paced world. Sometimes, we just have to be still and focus on what’s important for ourselves. Try and look at things differently, you might find that it’s just a simple solution to a problem.


Guest Post: Jazz P.



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