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Introduce Music To Your Kids At An Early Age


Music is all around us. Here at home, I hear it every single day. I love music more so if it’s my genre, the ’80s (now you know how old I am, lol). Love it when I hear my kids sing their fave pop songs though most of the time, my 5 year old keeps repeating the same songs over and over. Lately, he’s been tapping his cousin’s new 88 key keyboard, pretending to be a musician. On some days, we’ll see him stringing his brother’s guitar or holding the mic while singing Maroon 5’s Payphone.

Musical Notes

When I was pregnant with my 2 boys, I saw to it that even while in my womb, they got to listen to soft jazzy music. I felt them thumping their feet, though it was painful, I know that they liked what they heard. I read it once in a pregnancy book, that fetuses can hear voices and music too. That it soothes and comforts them when they hear a lullaby and become stressed when they hear loud annoying music.

When they were born, I also used to play my cd to help them sleep soundly. Sometimes, I played a bit louder so they can get accustomed to noises, plus it helped them not to be surprised on sudden clanging of the wind chimes, sound of the tricycles etc.

Now that they are able to enjoy different kinds of musical instruments, we see to it that we help them learn a few things about it and how to play it the proper way. The kids both love playing their guitars, the Casio organ and the small drum set that keeps on banging til night fall. Hubby sometimes accompanies them with his own guitar, and I, well, joins them in singing pop songs and dance as well.

I feel that when you start your children to learn music at an early stage, they develop or grow up as mature, responsible and calm persons. It’s a good thing that schools incorporate this subject in their curriculum because it can truly help an individual progress to be a better person.

If you haven’t started Music with your kids yet, then try it and see the development thru your child. Who knows, he or she may become one of the great music artists ever born.


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