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Whether you are building your first collection of cookware for your new home or simply revamping your collection after several years of use, it is important to put some thought into the items you buy for your kitchen. Pots and pans are not all created alike, and just because your friend loves her Paula DeanĀ® cookware does not mean it is the right choice for your purposes. Follow these simple tips to ensure you come home with a collection that serves your specific needs.

Paula DeanĀ® cookware

Every kitchen should contain an assortment of pots and frying pans. You do not necessarily have to purchase a matching set if you do not have a use for all of the pieces in the set. In fact, you may be better off purchasing individual pots and non-stick pans because you can buy each in a different material. You probably want a non-stick skillet for making foods like eggs and sandwiches. Paula Dean home cookware makes a few attractive ones. You also probably want a stainless steel skillet or frying pan for browning meat. Round off this collection with some one and two quart saucepans in the material of your choice. Some prefer stainless steel, while others prefer aluminum. A heavy, cast iron Dutch oven is the perfect choice for stews and braising.

Buying the perfect cookware for your kitchen involves some decision making. Since some pans are better made from different materials, consider again whether you really need to buy a set. With the essentials above, you have a great base upon which to build your kitchen collection.

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