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Century Pacific Food Inc Asia’s Marketing Company of the Year


A company that started as a small fish cannery enterprise in far-flung Mindanao has just been named Asia’s Marketing Company of the Year, a recognition from the Asia Marketing Excellence Award which considered the highest marketing award given to deserving corporations in Asia for their outstanding and trailblazing efforts in marketing products and services.

Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CPFI), represented by its CEO Chris Po and General Manager Greg Banzon, received the esteemed recognition in a highly anticipated awards ceremony held in South Korea. The award is a first for the Philippines and definitely a major feat for CPFI, a company whose brands and products dominate the canned food market in the Philippines, outshone 39 entries from 9 Asian countries.

CPFI_From local to global

The company has obviously come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1978 when it was founded by journalist and advertising man turned entrepreneur Ricardo S. Po, Sr. Mr Po first launched the company under the name Century Canning Corporation with then flagship product 555 Canned Sardines. Mr. Po’s keen eye for consumer needs has seen early success for the brand in sales and market share. Soon, the company found itself breaking into the canned tuna category in spite of the presence of competitive imported brands. This ushered the birth of Century Tuna.

From a humble fish cannery business to one of the country’s most outstanding food and beverage companies, with brands present in 600,000 stores nationwide. To date, the corporation exports to 58 countries the world over.

Today, Century Tuna has pioneered lifestyle marketing in the food category –with its brand positioning pegged on health, fitness and being sexy. This helped propel the brand to success, reaching foreign shores even, as its cans now line the shelves of some of the top multinational retail chains like Walmart, Safeway and Carrefour. It has also launched the biggest, most highly anticipated and glamorous model search in the country – Century Tuna Superbods.

CPFI also launched mid-priced tuna variants under the 555 brand name to expand to the lower income bracket. The company now dominates the tuna category with a strong 85% share.

Apart from marine products, CPFI also ventured into the canned meat category through the Argentina brand, best known for market leader Argentina Corned Beef. Its savoury taste, good quality meat and long shreds have made it an instant Pinoy favourite. The company also ventured into the highly competitive milk market with strong brands Birch Tree and Angel.

Beyond strengthening its solid base in the local canned products industry and setting its sights on penetrating the more competitive global market, CPFI makes it a point to always give back, sharing its success to the community. Through the RS Po Foundation’s Kain Po Feeding Program for less fortunate public school students, the company has been able to serve a total of 3 Million meals to indigent youth. Now that’s taking its vision of truly nourishing and delighting everyone, everyday, everywhere to heart.


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