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Carpentry – Most Unappreciated Job


In our modern world today, there are many popular jobs and professions that are valued much. But, lots of people tend to underestimate carpenters and their field of work because they believe that this job is suited only for poor people. But, carpentry is one of the most important professions since we need workers to build houses and buildings, so generally, we can’t do without them.


Sometimes, carpenters are taken for granted and their jobs given lesser value due to the fact that most of the carpenters are just poor people trying to raise their families in whatever legal and honorable ways they can.

Would you be able to fix your leaking roof or perfectly fit shims so that a gear can stay in place? Are you willing to get your hands dirty or work a whole day under the sun?

The next time you call in your regular carpenter to fix something broken, try to be nice and at least offer him a cool glass of juice or water, or give him a loaf of your cinnamon bread.

Every job is valuable and we shouldn’t take these workers for granted and learn to appreciate the hard work they do. After all, you need them.


Guest Post: Jazz P.


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