Junior Club Fun Day Continues its Goldi Ways at Kidzania!

Junior Club Fun Day will be celebrating its 2nd year at Kidzania! Kids and young at heart will definitely have a grand time playing and bonding while helping children be equipped with the proper skills which will give them a significant boost as they continue to grow and mature.

These important signs are seen by Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop and are embodied in their upcoming “Junior Club Fun Day” celebration to be held at Kidzania, BGC this coming April 26, 2018.

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Goldilocks’ All New Graduation Bundles

It’s tradition to celebrate graduation with a blow-out! A usual go-to place for the family is Goldilocks Bakeshop and you bet they have something special for the graduates – the all-new Graduation Bundles!

One’s graduation is always a cause for celebration, Family and friends are invited to the feast and join in merriment as they give praise to the hard work, dedication, and success of their graduates. As adults, we also remind them that the next step in their life is up to their choosing and that there are multiple paths that are open for them head towards.

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Goldilocks Valentine’s Day PFF Mix and Match Combo Promo!

Are you that type of guy who ALWAYS gives flowers and chocolates to your girlfriend, wife, mother or sister? Well, it’s about time to change your style! Why not treat your loved ones somewhere satisfying, sweet and delicious like Goldilocks!

Flowers and love letters are the norm for Valentine’s Day. Surely, you old-fashioned romantics have these on your checklist. But, of course, it’s always advisable to go the extra mile. Give the object of your affection something that will bring satisfaction and sweetness, not only to their hearts, but also their tummies and taste buds.

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Goldilocks Pork Menudo – The Taste Of Tradition and Celebration

Have you started on listing down possible dishes for your annual noche buena reunion or media noche get-together? Or you’re thinking of just ordering food this year? Well, if you’re going for the latter, you may want to include Goldilocks’ Pork Menudo!

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Tote-ally Awesome Goldilocks Happy Tote Bags til September 30 only!

Girls will definitely love these new tote bags from Goldilocks! An awesome accessory which can be used as a school or an everyday bag.

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Goldilocks 50th Anniversary Cakes Found!!!

The Goldilocks 50th Anniversary Cakes in billboards nationwide had gone missing a few months ago and much buzz were created by the company to attract attention including print and Social Media. And now, the search is over! The missing Goldilocks cakes have been found!

Early last June, Goldilocks billboards in key areas of the metropolis simultaneously displayed a giant 50th Anniversary celebration cake. The signature cake was truly attention-grabbing, featuring a delightfully decorated mocha cake with a number 50 candle topping it off.

Roughly a week later, however, countless people were perplexed when these cakes literally went missing, leaving a gaping cake-shaped hole hole right in the middle of the billboards. Discussions and theories flew left and right on social media, with news reports in mainstream print and television following suit. People wanted to know… where was the Goldilocks 50th Anniversary Cake?

Goldilocks 50th Anniversary Cakes Found
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Goldilocks Chocolate Caramel Decadence Cake

Goldilocks and Father’s Day is a perfect combination especially when it comes to cakes! Though I think most of this treat will be devoured by none other than the kids and of course, yours truly, hahahaha

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