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Goldilocks’ All New Graduation Bundles


It’s tradition to celebrate graduation with a blow-out! A usual go-to place for the family is Goldilocks Bakeshop and you bet they have something special for the graduates – the all-new Graduation Bundles!

One’s graduation is always a cause for celebration, Family and friends are invited to the feast and join in merriment as they give praise to the hard work, dedication, and success of their graduates. As adults, we also remind them that the next step in their life is up to their choosing and that there are multiple paths that are open for them head towards.

Goldilocks Graduation Bundles

As with the variety of choices that comes after graduation, Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop has prepared a special feast to commemorate the season. Introducing Goldilocks’ all-new graduation bundles!

Satisfy your taste buds with the Goldilocks PFF Mix ‘n Match, a pairing of Goldilocks’s signature noodles which come in numerous varieties such as: Palabok – Malabon, Spaghetti – Palabok, Sotanghon – Malabon , Palabok – Sotanghon, and Spaghetti – Malabon, giving our lucky graduates a range of delicious options to choose from.

While for those hankering for dessert, the all-new graduation bundles also come with Goldilocks’ triple Delight Round Cake. A decadent chiffon cake with layers of chocolate, vanilla, and mocha, filled with sweet chocolate and vanilla cream icing and is finally adorned with intricate chocolate décor which guaranteed to hit one’s sweet spot!

Grab these Special Graduation feasts at any Goldilocks Foodshop store nearest you!

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