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You Get What You Ask For


“We get what we ask for, that’s life”. Someone told me that a long time ago. After 2 decades, I should know that this saying isn’t true at all. Well, for me at least. Why did I say that? Please read on and I hope you won’t get bored 🙂

Wish List

When I was young, I used to think that whatever I ask or wish or even pray for, will definitely come true. I was so hooked at the idea of “positive thinking will result to positive outcome”, that I clung into the hopes and dreams of a normal young adult.

Now, this saying can also be perceived as the famous lines of a bitchy girl – ” I get whatever I want” or “What Jazzie wants, Jazzie gets”. The first saying above was all about positivity and the good results it will bring, regardless if it’s true or not. The second, speaks of a bossy and spoiled girl oozing negativity all over.

I want Everything

I was once that girl, in fact, there was a stage in my life where both aspects co-existed. A total misunderstanding of what truly life is. I thought one can’t exist without the other. I was a total loser.

So, time came when things got tough and all bounced back. Positive can be a negative too. Why? I did get most of the things I wanted and that was a plus for me, but, more often than not, I got those the negative way. There were a handful that became my most treasured possessions because prayers were answered and we all know Who granted them.

I was happy and yet so sad because life during those awful times were not what’s expected. Karma was just around the corner, always peeking at the things I do and don’t do. If in an instance I was jumping with joy, a few hours later, all will dissipate.

So yeah, at that time it all went true BUT most often, what I asked for backfired on me. My usual musing was – “it doesn’t matter, I did get what I wanted after all”.

Sad eh? But life is a constant learning process. It doesn’t end just like that. God has given us the freedom to choose between good and bad, important and useless and wise decisions or not. We alone mold our future, not the sayings here. Whatever we do, there is always a chance that we will harvest what we have planted.

Why stick to the old adage that doesn’t hold true most of the time? Why would you ask for something that you know you don’t deserve? Why would you ask for things that are just plain luxuries?

People are naturally born suckers for anything. BUT, it’s up to you if you will live up to that instinct most of your life. You can deviate the course of your life and not get all that you want. You can live simply and humbly and still get what you deserve.

Overall, if you pray harder than ever and He allows it to happen, then so be it, it is yours, all yours….

A guest post by Jazz
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