Random Musings

You Get What You Ask For

“We get what we ask for, that’s life”. Someone told me that a long time ago. After 2 decades, I should know that this saying isn’t true at all. Well, for me at least. Why did I say that? Please read on and I hope you won’t get bored 🙂

Wish List

When I was young, I used to think that whatever I ask or wish or even pray for, will definitely come true. I was so hooked at the idea of “positive thinking will result to positive outcome”, that I clung into the hopes and dreams of a normal young adult.

Now, this saying can also be perceived as the famous lines of a bitchy girl – ” I get whatever I want” or “What Jazzie wants, Jazzie gets”. The first saying above was all about positivity and the good results it will bring, regardless if it’s true or not. The second, speaks of a bossy and spoiled girl oozing negativity all over.