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Why We Need Top Hair Dryers That are Sound Deadening – A Silent Dryer?


Blowdryers are economical and compact appliances, easy for use and transfer. But we definitely should think about models of newer technologies, with the reduced sound.


Hairdressers and hair experts agree that the best way to dry hair is in the air. But we can’t do this every time. When we have long hair, or we are in a rush, we usually leave it wet, assuming it will dry along the way. But if it stays moist for a long time, it increases the risk of colds or headaches.

Hairdryers save our time and, above all, protect your health. It is especially important to use them during cold days when it is impossible to dry hair naturally. Here you can find out which mistakes we make when blow-drying.

All these benefits sound nice because we know how practical they are. But we also know how noisy dryers can be. And considering that noise is one of the major pollutants in the world, it is clear why manufacturers need to change something in their products.

How Hair Dryer Works

The idea of silent hair dryers is revolutionary, but it still didn’t reach its peak. The devices on the market are not entirely noiseless; they only reduce the loudness to an acceptable level. However, the difference from a regular hairdryer is noticeable – you don’t have to shout if you want to talk to someone while blow-drying.

Blowdryers operate on the principle of sucking the air, infiltrating it through a heating element, and finally, blowing it out in a directed heated beam. The fan that sucks the air must be powerful. And when something works at full speed, it makes a lot of noise. If fast hair drying isn’t reason enough to compensate for the irritating sound of a hairdryer, think about less noisy models.

Stylist drying hair of a female client at the beauty salon

Most manufacturers implemented new technologies, like ionic or tourmaline, which reduces negative ions in hot air and thus make hair follicles stronger and shinier. Also, they add accessories that change the mode of production a little.

Concept of Silent Hairdryers

Manufacturers came up with two ways to reduce noise in these small home appliances. The first is by using air-diverting blades. Another is about installing a faster running engine. In either case, hairdryers need additional insulation around the turbine to reduce the noise.

In terms of accessories and settings, silent dryers are the same as regular, noisy models. Most modern devices have the possibility of cool blow-drying. It is a much better choice for hair since high temperature causes the permanent destruction of the follicles.

The sound generated by the average hairdryer is around 70 decibels, which is still not the level at which some hearing damage would happen. However, staying in such a loud environment creates a sense of discomfort. The person directly exposed to this noise can quickly lose focus while working; communication is significantly aggravated. Silent models of some brands are less noisy by almost a third than regular fans.

Silent Dryers for Hairdressing Salons

Depending on the length of the hair, its drying takes about ten minutes on average. When you do it at home, those few noisy minutes are no problem. But imagine when you go to the hairdresser, and you have to wait for your turn. Or put yourself in their shoes for a bit – they should spend all day surrounded by noise, shouting around at colleagues and customers.

That is why silent models are an excellent solution for commercial use. Of course, it is advisable to have them at home as well, since any loud noise is not pleasant to your ears. But if you own a hairdresser or beauty salon, getting silent blowdryers is the right move.

Check the online offer and recommendations from web sources like to inform about models, prices, etc. Prices can vary a lot, usually depending on a brand and accessories like diffusers or concentrator.

You will spare your employees of real sound torture. People usually get nervous when the loudness is all around them. Also, you’ll make the communication between them and customers more convenient. People coming to your salon will be more comfortable to spend time in an environment with a pleasant sound instead of unbearable loudness.

White Noise

Silent Dryers for Hairdressing Salons

When we say ‘noise,’ we generally mean the inconvenience that every loud sound causes. Many would probably think there is no way that these frequencies are pleasant to human ears. However, there are certain sounds that, when appropriately loud, seem quite soothing. The sound of a hairdryer is one of them, which many moms can probably confirm.

Namely, the sound of a blowdryer with a volume of about 50 decibels belongs to the so-called white noise. It got the name ‘white’ because it contains a full range of different sounds, as white daylight has a whole spectrum of colors.

The sound of the hairdryer reminds the babies of the environment where they were tucked in for nine months, that is, the warmth of the mother’s womb. The vibrations they heard and felt then were the beats of mom’s heart mixed with the sound of blood flow.

When added to the filtered noise from the outer world, we get a soothing sound with the help of which babies fall asleep more easily. Many studies have found a favorable effect of white noise on adults, especially during work or study.

On this link, find out why it’s beneficial to have white noise at your workplace.

The sound of silent hairdryers fits into the concept of white noise. That may be one more reason why it is advisable to get this model. If you are the parent of a toddler with sleeping issues, turning on the blowdryer (and setting it at a safe distance), and allowing the baby to listen to these sounds will help them fall asleep more easily. Blowdryers are economical and compact appliances, easy for use and transfer. But we definitely should think about models of newer technologies, with the reduced sound. The quality of hair drying won’t change, but their use will be more comfortable for us.


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