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How Much To Pay And Tip Professional DC Movers In 2019


Moving out of a house to another is a stressful event. It is often so cumbersome that house owners need to engage the service of a moving company. Moving companies are tasked with moving every single item owned by a customer, and they ensure that the items are delivered to their destination in one piece. By implication, this nature of work requires serious dedication and attention to detail. Working with a moving company also takes faith as the customer will be handing over their possessions to strangers. Hence the need for trust as the basis for delivering a professional service. 

One of the major reasons why many people leave moving to moving experts is because they understand that their belongings will be handled with care by professionals. Contrary to what many customers choose to believe, the performance of moving companies is directly affected by how the workers are treated by the customers. Although movers don’t need to perform based on a tip, it is essential to understand that your kind gesture as a customer can enhance their work. Since we are speaking on tips, we need to understand that a tip is not necessarily cash. A tip can be in cash and can embody other kinds of gestures.

Why The Need To Tip A Moving Company?

First, you need to come to terms with the fact that tipping the crew of a moving company is not compulsory. Hence you shouldn’t concern yourself so much about tipping your moving company workers. So why do we tip moving company workers? Tipping a moving company is only a good choice when the mover renders exceptional service. Here are few pointers for tipping your mover:

  • Timeliness: punctuality they say is the soul of business. The first condition to determine if your mover qualifies for tipping is to check if they arrive on time.
  • Behavior: check if the workers are friendly, nice, welcoming, and sociable. If you discover they are cold, rude, disrespectful, and keep to themselves, they do not deserve a tip. Check for their best behavior if they behave with professionalism from the first moment they step into your house.
  • Handling skills: keep a tab on how they handle your property. You can tell if they are offering a professional service or not by observing how they handle and care for your possessions. If they handle your property with care and do not damage your possessions, then you can consider tipping them.
Professional DC Movers

Let’s quickly take a look at how much you can pay and tip professional DC movers. Bear in mind that tipping doesn’t come in cash only, there are other equally effective ways of tipping movers without necessarily paying in cash.

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Different ways you can tip your movers

Moving is a tedious job. It can be so tiring. Consequently, offering your movers cold water, soda, or drink when they take short breaks from working isn’t a bad idea. This shows the crew you care about their wellbeing and not just about the work they are about to deliver.

  1. Offer to but them lunch. Offering to buy the crew lunch is a great act of kindness. You can choose to give them water or get them lunch. If you want to offer them lunch, you should ask for their choice of food. Don’t just buy food without requesting for their choice.
  2. Give a little more cash:  Tipping can be determined by how impressed you are with their work and how much you have to give. A common but erroneous belief is that tipping should be based on percentage. In application, it is not always practicable. The major difference between the amount charged by one moving company and another is distance and not how long it took to load the vehicle. If the whole movement can be completed in half a day (4 working hours), you can consider tipping each member of the crew $10. If it will take a whole day (8 working hours), then you can tip them $20 per person.

If you have heavier items like furniture, winding stairs, etc. you should consider adding to the amount you’ll tip each member. So, the number of hours worked and the weight of the luggage packed determines the amount to tip each member. Note, give the tip in cash to each member of the crew. Do not give it to one man or the person that seems to be the head, as such a person might not give others what is due to them.

  1. Do not offer beer to the crew. Not all moving companies allow their workers to drink alcohol, hence, giving them beer will be going against their job ethic.
Professional DC Movers

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Conclusion. Tipping is not compulsory. If you are not pleased with the service of the crew of a moving company, keep your money to yourself and only pay for their service. Don’t be coerced to think that you must always tip a moving company. However, if you are satisfied with the service offered to feel free to add in some extra cash to encourage the movers.


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