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What Makes Me Happy?


This is one topic that’s not gonna be a long one simply because there are just a few things that makes me happy. Well, coz those “things” are all generalized thus making it easier to say and write. But don’t try to open the drop down box of those generalized things coz it will for sure amaze you, lol..

Below are what makes my world go round:

  • Primarily, my family and extended ones – No need to explain this further coz I think most of us, if not all, would place our family on the number one slot.
  • Online work – I am so blessed to have stumbled a gem (actually, I should say “gems”) underneath a pile of dirt. Not all of us can work at home and online. Not all of us are cut out for this kind of work coz it takes a lot of patience and patience (lol), to be able to sit in front of your computer for a long time while typing your wits away. I am happy to say that I am one of those people who can truly make it work in a balanced environment.
  • Good health – though there are occasional sickness in the family, I’m happy that none has been tragic and sad. Though, I am not in perfect health coz I have Diabetes, I can say that I’m in good shape now coz I have been maintaining the needed meds so I won’t go crazy ( hehehe)
  • Friends – they come and go, but through the years I have become closer than ever to a handful of people whom I fully trust. They know me inside and out, my weaknesses, strength, flaws and whatever changes happened. They do scold me when they know I did something wrong, they applaud and proud of me when I have surpassed obstacles and won personal battles. They are true friends who would do everything to bring me back to the right path. I don’t get mad at them for saying things that I know are true but just so stubborn to admit my faults. yes, I get hurt, but in the end, I know they are just concerned and most of all, love me dearly.

These are just a few things coz I don’t wanna elaborate much since these are the general things that makes me happy and grounded. How about you? What truly makes you happy? 🙂


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