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Welcome To My Turf!


Funny though I have been blogging since 2008 and it’s only this year that I thought of getting my own name as a domain name (pardon the repetition, hehehe) for one of my blogs, lol. I didn’t forget, I just delayed it for a few years coz I haven’t established my career as a blogger yet, but now that at least a few people (lol) know that I truly exist, thus buying the domain name had a valid reason, ha ha ha…

I am a funny person deep inside and sometimes I had to let it out or i’d go crazy. There are just a handful of close friends that really know the true me though I might let you in on some personal happenings from time to time..

Anyway, don’t you love what you see here? The colours and all? I’m not an expert web designer or coder but at least I made something that i think I can be proud of. I hope in due time I’d be able to tweak all my other blogs and beautify them..

For now, nothing much to read here. hey! I just started, lol.. Be back soon and I might have something to share by that time.. Ta-ta!! 🙂


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