New Winners of the LG Ambassador Challenge

LG captures lightning in a bottle once again as it recently concluded its LG Ambassador Challenge, which saw dozens of project proposals from across the nation. The contest was first introduced in partnership with Korea Friends of Hope International (KFHI) and serves as a testament to LG’s dedication to fostering sustainable development within the Philippines’ local communities. For its second year, the winning proposals are ‘Life is Good, When Life Has Light’, ‘Flowing Water for Growing Future’, and ‘Paliparan Community Livelihood’.

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LG Delivers Aid For Ambassador Challenge Winner Bahay Aruga

LG, delivering on its commitment to supporting the development of local communities, recently turned over its grant to one of its LG Ambassador Challenge winners, Bahay Aruga.

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Health Buzz Lifestyle

Allergens & Viruses Away With LG Wearable Air Purifier

Aside from needing to dodge viruses, it’s allergy season once more. Coughing or sneezing, especially when you’re outside, is a major faux pas now that sadly, some people have a hard time avoiding. Masks help a lot in filtering out pollen and allergens for people suffering from asthma and rhinitis but sometimes it’s not enough.

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Home and Living

Live Happy, Stay Healthy with LG

Your home is more than just four walls and a roof — it is a living space, a sanctuary for resting and restoring the mind, a place for peace with your loved ones. But sometimes modern life has other ideas, filling up our precious time with endless chores. In between making sure our rooms are dust-free, seeing to it that the fridge is well-stocked with fresh produce, and trying to cook healthy food for our families to consume, most of us don’t really get to enjoy the home as a space for optimal rest and relaxation.

LG Philippines

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