FWD Manifest Enables Filipinos Achieve Life Goals


While Filipinos have long pursued financial independence, the uncertainties of the pandemic highlighted the importance of financial wellness through insurance and investments. This drove a spike in demand for life and financial protection. FWD Manifest, an investment-linked insurance plan, was launched during this time when Filipinos needed new solutions to achieve their life goals. 

Data from the Insurance Commission (IC) showed that the life insurance industry generated an increase of 36.62 percent in total premiums in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. This number was recorded at the height of the pandemic, suggesting that Filipinos have now recognized the power of insurance.

Medical emergencies, retirement funds, and business resilience are just some of the concerns that came up in conversations between customers and financial advisors, as shared during the Manifesters’ Roundtable, a recent virtual event hosted by FWD Life Insurance. The event highlighted how investment-linked insurance protects one from unpredictable events and encourages them to press play on original goals and plans that were put on hold during the pandemic and to manifest their dreams.

FWD, along with multimedia journalist and entrepreneur Ces Oreña-Drilon, discussed the importance of investments in achieving personal goals and manifesting dreams with confidence. The conversation divulged tips from FWD financial advisors led by FWD PH Chief Agency Officer Jun Marasigan on leveraging investments and making them work towards one’s specific life plans,

Invest now. The best time to invest is always now. There is more potential to earn and grow the investment while market prices are low. However, volatility should not be a hindrance to decide on an investment decision. It should be based on one’s life and investment goals. FWD Manifest is designed to incentivize Filipinos to invest while providing financial protection in case of market volatility. 

Invest longer. Long-term investment yields higher rewards. FWD Manifest rewards those who keep their investment for a more extended period with unique bonuses to encourage more Filipinos to focus on their goals: grow their wealth further, build their retirement fund, put up a pandemic-proof business, prepare for their children’s education, and other plans that may have been put on hold.

FWD Manifesters Roundtable

Invest with specific goals in mind. Manifesting dreams will only work if goals are set and acted on. “What makes you happy? What’s your passion? What interests you?” “Then invest your time and effort. Enroll in classes, and upgrade your skills. Act on it. Be patient,” Ces mentioned. Ces also suggested getting a mentor who will lead you in the right direction. Observe, watch, and learn from what they do. When deciding on which type of insurance can help grow and protect investments, a financial advisor is a right person to talk to. Whether it’s creating a business, starting a family, or switching to a new career path, FWD Manifest provides Filipinos with financial security to empower them to pursue their goals, no matter what they are.

Invest at all life stages. Different stages of life come with different challenges and investment-linked insurance FWD Manifest is a reliable companion to prepare one against any uncertainties. “Life is full of surprises and challenges. Saving money should not be the only plan, you should also look at all life stages and the possible risks you may encounter, and imagine yourself in those situations. Make sure that whatever stage you are at, you are being protected against uncertainties and can celebrate living,” Jun concluded.
To know more about FWD Manifest and how it can help you press play on your goals with strong life protection and smart wealth investment, visit

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