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Exercise with your iPod!


Nowadays, when you go to a gym, you won’t see any huge sound system used as music accompaniment when doing any sort of exercises. I used to go to a nearby gym and they had this boom box which played ear tearing music. That was terrible, really, and I wasn’t able to concentrate on the routines coz I kept covering my ears. It seems that the other members of the class weren’t annoyed at all, mainly coz they were young people who enjoyed loud music to the extremes.

Apple iPod 5th Gen

So, what do gym instructors use now? An iPod! Well, it’s attached to a speaker but the music isn’t as loud coz the gadget has it’s limitations. Long gone are the days when you have to invest and install sound systems or bring/buy a portable one to be used in every room where music is needed.

An iPod can store tons of your fave music and you can even use it anywhere you go. Heck, I need music when I’m cooking, so it’s in my pocket playing upbeat songs which makes me sway here and there while stirring the ladle lol.

Whenever I have time to do some stretching, I’ll just turn on my iPod docked on it’s speaker. I’ll play soft music first and do a few rounds of usual stretching those muscles routines. Then, I’ll speed it up little by little and I’ll switch to the ’80s New Wave music. Soon as I’m done with all the cardio workouts, I’ll switch to a slower beat as well as slow down my rhythm exercises.

It’s fun when the kids join me in exercising, makes the routines for the day more bearable. They love it when dad is at home and joins us too! They think it’s just a game of following the leader and we’ll laugh hard when the little one copies the floor exercises hahaha.

If you don’t have an iPod or it’s beyond the budget, then there are cheaper MP3 players which could also accompany you in exercising. You may use earphones if you don’t have speakers to connect it to. Since these are just small gadgets, you don’t have to go to extremes like connecting them to huge speakers or those Roland Amplifiers to boost the sound output.

I can’t do my routines without the aid of music. Makes exercising dull and tiring. When I’m listening to danceable songs, I don’t feel tired and bored. Next time you do yours, why not get some music to accompany you, you may find the pain easier to bear.


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