EastWest Bank Magenta Race: Advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness


In a display of solidarity and commitment to a vital cause, EastWest Bank announces the success of the second run of its Magenta Race, a pivotal event dedicated to raising awareness and funds for breast cancer advocacy in the Philippines.

Building upon the triumph of the inaugural Magenta Race, which garnered acclaim and support, the 2023 edition is a testament to EastWest Bank’s dedication to social responsibility. This year’s event saw 145 individuals participating in the run/cycle, resulting in a total donation of Php 196,991 to the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc. (Kasuso Foundation).

The success of the Magenta Race extends far beyond philanthropy, earning recognition from The Digital Banker Global Retail Banking Innovation Awards 2023 as the Best CSR Initiative. 

This demonstrates EastWest Bank’s commitment to working together to address pressing societal challenges.

L-R: Es Vidaurreta and Cariss Ramos of EastWest Bank, Jennifer Angeles and Lizette Lim of Kasuso Foundation, Mary Anne Bundalian of EastWest Bank, Flerida Jimenez, Georgia Pangan – President, Susan Lim – Treasurer, Maria Lourdes Cortez Del Rosario – Chairwoman, June Del Rosario of Kasuso Foundation

Breast cancer remains a pervasive health concern, particularly among Filipino women, highlighting the continued relevance and urgency of initiatives like the Magenta Race. With over 60% female employees, EastWest Bank remains committed to promoting breast health awareness and early detection, championing initiatives that empower women and communities across the nation.

For more information about the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, Inc. (Kasuso Foundation) and its impact, please visit

About the Magenta Race: The Magenta Race is a fundraising event dedicated to raising awareness and funds for breast cancer advocacy in the Philippines. Through community engagement and collaboration, the Magenta Race strives to support organizations and initiatives that provide essential services to individuals and families affected by breast cancer.

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