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Reasons Why Condos Are Suitable for Starting Families


The journey into parenthood is a profound and life-altering experience. Parents’ world usually revolves around their little one, and the baby’s well-being and happiness guide every decision. As a result, the home becomes more than just a place to live; it’s a sanctuary where parents nurture, protect, and create lasting memories with their growing family.

Condominiums can be an ideal home for growth-beginning households. Their convenient locations, safety features, and amenities embody the essence of family-centric living. MIRA, a Nordic-inspired property in Quezon City, is a perfect example of a sanctuary that supports and nurtures families.


Find out the reasons why condominium living is suitable for the unique needs and lifestyles of families:

Safety and Security

One key advantage of condominiums is they typically have security personnel 24/7 to keep residents safe and secure. This feature definitely helps protect the peace of mind of residents, especially moms and dads. For MIRA, the property takes safety and security seriously as all units have a smart lock feature and an AV intercom so parents can quickly check who is at the door. Moreover, the property has state-of-the-art security features, including round-the-clock security, CCTV surveillance, and secure access controls. On top of these, selected common areas in MIRA can also be accessed via RFID. 

Convenience and accessibility

Another significant advantage of condominium living is its convenience since the majority of these developments are located in key urban areas where almost everything is within reach. MIRA’s strategic location in Quezon City provides easy access to hospitals such as World Citi Medical Center, St. Luke’s Medical Center QC, and Quirino Memorial Medical Center, schools like Jubilee Christian Academy, Ateneo De Manila University, and University of the Philippines, transportation hubs including the LRT Line 2, and commercial areas namely Shopwise, Gateway and Ali Mall, making daily errands and outings with the family a breeze. Everything, whether it’s a grocery, school, or hospital, is just a stone’s throw away, even perfect for starting parents who are adjusting to the new responsibilities and lifestyle. 

RLC Mira Outdoor Playground

Community and support

Condominiums also foster a community that is invaluable for parents. MIRA’s family-centric amenities such as the outdoor landscaped areas, pet park, and glamping nooks allow residents to connect with each other and build a support network. The shared experiences and bonds formed within the community can significantly enhance the overall well-being of new and even growing families.

Low-maintenance lifestyle

Condo living promises a low-maintenance lifestyle, ideal for parents who juggle multiple responsibilities. MIRA’s well-designed spaces and amenities require minimal upkeep, allowing moms and dads to focus more on their family and personal well-being. At MIRA, residents may also book essential services like water delivery, housekeeping, laundry, and more right within the comforts of their homes through the Ring Rob Concierge. In addition, condo payment settlements, form requests for permits, and passes with the myRLC Home App are also plus conveniences.

Access to amenities

A wide range of amenities is one of the biggest perks of condo living. MIRA boasts a variety of recreational facilities, including wellness and recreational zones. The property’s amenities also cater to the needs of children through the indoor and outdoor play areas, pet park, kiddie pool, and glamping nooks. These provide endless opportunities to relax, have fun together, and grow. Moms can enjoy the amenities without worry, as the onsite clinic offers easy access to healthcare.

RLC Residences continues to Raise, Live, Connect with MIRA

“Families have always been our inspiration in designing MIRA. We envision this development as a home where they can grow and thrive together through amenities and home features that are specifically tailored to their needs. We hope that MIRA can be a home where new parents can raise their kids so they can all live smart and productive while staying connected to people and places that matter to them,” says RLC Residences Marketing Head and Chief Integration Officer  Karen Cesario.

Families looking to build their future at MIRA may learn more about this pre-selling property by visiting  


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