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Don’t Have A Car? Spice Up Your Garage!


A garage is where your car’s home is. But, what should you do if you don’t have a car?

Well, you can turn the place into something useful thus space isn’t wasted. You can maybe convert it into a storage, an office or even a play room! There are tons of other possibilities, you only need to brainstorm which one it will be.

Spice Up Your Garage

Here are some more ideas to ponder:

  • The garage is a great place to do dirty works like carpentry, painting, anything that cannot be done inside the house. You can also place all your tools in shelves so it’s organized.
  • Make it into an entertainment area! Put your home theater and gaming consoles in one place. Buy a new set of reclining chairs or couches and cool lighting, make it into a makeshift cinema! Don’t forget to beautify your walls and organize your music collection in dvd cabinets
  • Turn it into a game room. Set up a pool table and a small coffee table with a few chairs. Relax with your friends.
  • An exercise room is also a great idea. If you are a health buff, then bring all your exercise machines in one room and work out without being disturbed by the kids.
  • Continue your office work in the garage! This way, it’s peaceful and you can focus more. Buy a steel cabinet with locks so you can keep your files intact.
  • Additional room. Kids grow up faster than we can imagine. Turn your garage into a room so your grown up child can have his needed privacy. Make sure the ambiance is what your child desires, or at least make it roomy.
  • If you need extra money and don’t need an extra room, then you can rent it out. But make sure you check out the person’s identity before letting him or her to rent it.
  • Turn it into a playroom. Your kids will be very happy having their own place where they could play safely and without messing the whole living room with their toys.

You can do whatever you want with your garage. But, be sure that you won’t be annoying your neighbors with the loud sound of your home theater or hammering. Spice up your garage and turn that extra space into something useful!


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