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Crusade Against Cancer


When a positive spirit moves towards healing the body, there is no way for illness to conquer it. That is the mission behind the Crusade Against Cancer, fought by David E. Taylor of the Joshua Media Ministries. It is the amazing, powerful crusade lead by David Taylor that works to bring the healing spirit of Jesus Christ into the lives and the bodies of those who need it, and to those who are willing to humble themselves before the great healing spirit.

August 10-12 from 7pm until 10pm nightly, the charismatic speaker and minister David E.Taylor will come against the evil illness of cancer, and seek to connect the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ to those who are seeking healing and who worship in his name. These meetings will be held for three incredible nights in Michigan. The ministry has been able to secure lodging at the Hamptons’ hotels for those wishing to attend, and the hotels are offering reduced rates for those wishing to attend these very special services. Information on hotel registration and event registration can be found on the Joshua Media Ministries website.

The Joshua Media Ministries was first started by David E. Taylor when he experienced a vision of the holy spirit one night. The spirit called upon him to change his life and to dedicate himself to spreading the message of Christ to people everywhere, and to offer healing wherever possible. Taylor awoke and found that his entire life had changed. He wished to do everything he could to work in service of this vision, and to create a media ministry that would spread the word globally.

Now David Taylor has embarked on a new passage in his ministry. He is committed to bringing the energy of the Holy Spirit and a belief in the power of the savior Jesus Christ to those who are suffering from cancer. It is David E. Taylor’s humble wish that he be used as a messenger for the healing spirit, and in so doing spread healing and spread the word of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please join us August 10-12 for this very special cancer crusades healing event.


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