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Quench Your Caffeine Thirst at Festival Mall


Are you from the Metro South and a coffee-lover? A great coffee destination is at the new Expansion Wing and River Garden areas of Festival Mall. Lots of coffee shops for different caffeine cravings that will definitely help sustain your energy throughout the day and keep your mood up!

Quench Your Caffeine Thirst at Festival Mall

Cafés come in all shapes in sizes, but the ones at Festival Mall are perfect for your daily coffee run. Quench your caffeine thirst by trying out these coffee shops at the new Expansion Wing and River Garden areas.

Manila’s Best Coffee is the best place to start if you want that home-grown coffee taste early in the morning. Their signature blended drinks range from Chocolate Cookie to Ube, and from Caramel Otap to Spicy Chocolate Labuyo. It’s a familiar selection that resonates with the way Filipinos were raised to drink coffee. And to top it off, they offer carabao milk ice cream that they dubbed Karaleto, in vanilla or chocolate flavor to pair off with that steaming hot cuppa. Manila’s Best Coffee is located on the lower ground floor of the expansion wing.

Quench Your Caffeine Thirst at Festival Mall Manila's Best Coffee

Starbucks. The enthralling crowned mermaid of the Starbucks logo makes its home in two branches of the new expansion wing of Festival Mall, one by at River Park and another at the upper ground floor, more accessible to restaurant goers who want a quick fix. Pasties and pastries pair gorgeously with that signature venti cup of Java Chip Frappuccino or White Chocolate, while their espressos provide the perfect zing to get you up and about for the daily grind. They also don’t hold back when it comes to tea, for their Chai and Green Tea Lattes are a smooth alternative to the stronger coffee drinks.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf strikes a balance with the attention it gives to the bean and the leaf. In this café is an assortment of drinks that cater both to the coffee lover and the tea drinker. Their piping hot tea is ready to be poured, coming in gentle greens and blended blacks. With the green variety, their selection includes the Lung Ching Dragonwell, Genmaicha Green, the Phoenix Pearl, and the Jasmine Dragon, just to name a few. Their black teas, on the other hand, come in Chai Blend, the traditional English Breakfast, or the aromatic Darjeeling. Flavored greens and blacks also contain that floral or fruity scent that adds another layer of sophistication to the experience. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf can also be found at the upper ground floor of the new expansion wing.

Blugre Café pairs the rich taste of coffee with the savory flavors of platters, cold cuts, and tapas. Their selection is heavier than the others on this list, geared towards filling the stomach rather than just satisfying a hankering for caffeine.

Quench Your Caffeine Thirst at Festival Mall Blugre Cafe

Pair your blended Durian Arctic Blast or Coffeeccino with a Potato Wedges and Bacno for breakfast, or a wooden plate of Nachos and, clean, savory Bruschettas for an afternoon snack. Blugre Café also serves breakfast rice meals such as bangus scrambler, garlic corned beef, tapa, tocino, and longganisa.

Energize yourself at the start of the day by eating the Blugre Café located at the upper ground floor of the expansion wing.

Grand Duchess Café has an eccentric menu that piques the interest of the usual coffee enthusiast. It’s a contrast to the delicate, almost-European patisserie feel of the café itself.

They dub their hot coffee beverages ‘Fyracava’ and their cold drinks ‘Frystacava’, with their frozen beverages being the real stars of the show. ‘Gibraltar’ is a latte served with equal parts espresso and milk, ‘Fomalhaut’ is a house specialty with a distinct nutty taste that deepens the flavor of the coffee bean, and ‘Yuanyang’ is an unusual concoction of black tea and espresso.

Many more drinks for the adventurous coffee-phile can be found at the Grand Duchess Café, situated at the Water Garden area of the new expansion wing.

Seattle’s Best Coffee marks the place where all these concepts meet, from breakfast-style cafés to pastry shops, classic grounds to new age brews. It’s a catchall coffee shop that caters to a wide audience.

Patrons will love the shelves of cakes on display, from Carrot to Banana to Blueberry Cheese. Their pastries, which are made sweet (Double Fudge, Butterscotch, Macaroons and many more) or savory (Adobo Pandesal, Sausage Rolls, Chicken Pie, among others) depending on the filling and composition, are packed with power. Their breakfast meals also fill you up with energy, from bacon and eggs to pasta, to heavy meals like corned beef and pancakes.

As for their brews, their classic Americano and Cappuccino are a standard for coffee drinkers, while their blended Mocha Javakula will cool you down and give that boost of energy you need to power through the day. Italian sodas and milkshakes also fill the menu, giving the patrons everything they could possibly imagine out of a premier café.
Seattle’s Best Coffee can be experienced at the Water Garden area of Festival Mall’s expansion wing.

Quench Your Caffeine Thirst at Festival Mall

Festival Mall is the heart of Filinvest City, a place where needs and passions find balance and the community’s dreams find expression. It is the only mall with five anchor stores: Shopwise Supercenter, SaveMore, Robinsons Department Store, Ace Hardware, and Handyman. It has over 700 shops, almost 4,000 parking slots, a variety of food outlets, and indoor amusement rides. The community’s needs and passions find balance at Filinvest Lifemalls, where the city’s heart beats.


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