Are You Fond of Body Piercing?


To tell you the truth, I’m not. But, let’s just respect those who have done this coz it’s their bodies anyway, right?

I’m just confused why someone would want their tongues pierced and place stud on it. I mean, doesn’t it hurt when eating more so when food gets stuck there? I wouldn’t be able to eat at all!

 photo 815131fd.jpg

Good thing, Christina Aguilera took her nose ring out coz she’s prettier without.

So, why do some people allow body jewelry? What do they get from it?

I know of some friends who actually have body chain jewelry. They said it’s the trend nowadays and even Hollywood stars have one or two hidden. It’s fashionable, they get some kind of attention and some even say, it boost their self-confidence.

Though not all people would agree, it’s their decision. I think some employers will not hire you if you have that in your tongue. But then again, there are establishments who allow employees with body pierced.

There are many different kinds of body jewelry:

  • Navel rings
  • Nose Rings
  • Tongue rings
  • Nipple Rings
  • and even Vibrating rings

I’ll stay with my ears pierced, in fact, I have 4 holes in each ears. That was when I was younger and still can sport several earrings on both ears. But, I’m done with that stage and hoping that my boys will not follow, lol..

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