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Ways to Keep Track of your Belongings


Staying organised can be challenging, especially when everything is due at the same time. It always seems to feel like everything important occurs in one week. Staying tidy can really assist you with being organised. Everything should have its place in your home. For some of us though, being tidy is not our strong point. There always seem to be that last minute before heading when you can’t find the other shoe to the pair that you’ve chosen to wear. The following article lists some simple ways for you to keep organised and keep track of your belongings.

Ways to keep your belongings


Get yourself some containers or baskets. This is great to way have a designated area to just throw belongings when you don’t have time to neatly put them away. Label them with print stickers so you have organised baskets with separate genres. You can choose your favourite colours for the stickers and decorate them however you wish. Don’t be afraid to get creative. You can go back later and tidy up or this can just be where these items live. This is great for shoes, stationery, keys and small change.


You can’t just throw your clothes, specifically coats, into a basket. You want them to be fresh and clean looking next time you wear them. For your coats you should have some hooks located near your door, this will insure they are just thrown on the floor. This item will not break the bank. You can try something more elaborate, if you want something more individual and unique. You can hooks in the shape of hands; you just need to have a look at what’s available.


If you let a friend borrow something or if you borrow something for a friend make sure you write it down. Write it down in your diary or calendar, not a scarp piece of paper that is likely to be list or thrown out. This will just remind you where that belonging is. It is also great to have a reminder of which friend you lent the item too so you know who to go to when you need it back.

Finally, stay on top of things. It’s a lot easier to organise things every day rather than getting to the end of a week or worse a month and having to clean up after yourself. It can be quite hard to motivate yourself to clean up a large mess because you know it is going to take time. This may be time that you cannot afford to waste. Take these tips on board and help yourself keep organised. This will make life so much easier.

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