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Use of CBD Oil for Cats in Treating Feline Anxiety


Animals, like humans, often have ‘these days.’ Then they behave out of the ordinary; they are timid, moody, and unfriendly. If this is just a phase, your kitty will soon be in a better mood, as if nothing had happened. However, if this pattern of behavior repeats, your pet maybe shows signs of anxiety.

Your kitten’s normal behavior is easy to spot – she walks confidently through the room, holds her tail high, and acts dominant. The frightened cat, on the other hand, sticks to the walls, is bent over, with her tail down, and looks back carefully.

Your cat might feel anxious with reason – the noise scared her or she faced the dog. But sometimes, this fear can be triggered by a change in behavior, without explanation. This kind of fear usually turns into a chronic condition, which can last a long time.

What the other common symptoms of anxious behavior in cats are, read on the following source:

As soon as you notice the first signs of anxiety in your pet, you need to contact the veterinarian and take further action. The use of cannabis oil as a supplement can be of great help when dealing with an anxious cat.

CBD as Therapy for Anxiety

If CBD oil has proven to be very useful for human consumption, there is no reason not to apply it to animals. Because the anatomy of all mammals is more or less similar, the endocannabinoid system in cats is responsible for the optimal functioning of many vital functions, such as balance maintenance, appetite control, work of reproductive organs, cognitive ability, mood, etc.

The function of this system is to process cannabis-based products, i.e., cannabidiol, which is the active ingredient in CBD oil. This supplement works to relieve anxiety by improving ‘communication’ between endocannabinoid receptors.

When CBD oil enters the animal’s body, it activates receptors and promotes better chemical exchange between them. CBD-based medications stimulate reactions that make it easier for your pet to calm down and release tension. Click through to site to find more detailed information about these products.

CBD Oil Products for Pets

CBD as Prevention of Panic Attacks

Cats have a subtle scent, hearing, and hunting instincts. However, at home, this is not an advantage. These balls of fur are afraid of fireworks, thunderstorms, strong odors, high-frequency sounds (white noise), most other animals (feel territorially threatened), etc.

All of the following can cause problematic behavior and panic attacks in your pet. Cats perceive all of the above as a potential threat. If they are regularly exposed to any of the mentioned ‘dangers,’ they will be on standby all the time. This way, cats are actually preparing for a ‘fight’ by increasing the production of stress hormones. That is precisely the main trigger for anxiety behavior.

CBD oil brings relief in stressful situations. Experts recommend that the owner when expecting a pet’s reaction, give a dose of this supplementation as prevention of anxious behavior. That will help your feline cope better with stressful situations and emotions.

CBD Oil Products for Pets

Conventional therapy for anxiety behavior in pets involves antidepressants. Be careful – if you decide on this method, be sure to take your feline to a veterinarian, who will prescribe particular medicines intended for animal use.

It’s not always safe and desirable to give human medicine to your pet. That also applies to the use of CBD oil. There are exclusive cannabidiol-based products for animals that are made according to particular recipes so that they contain almost no trace of THC.

How Much CBD Is Enough

The best effect for your pet will be achieved when you give them CBD oil in its purest form. As drops, this substance can be administered directly to the cat’s mouth. However, given that these animals are rather stubborn, you will have a hard time doing this.

Therefore, some more subtle cannabidiol dosing methods are recommended. Primarily, you can use edibles – cannabidiol added to the most varied yummy treats. It is only important to find a taste that your pet will like. Spray oil is also practical for dispensing and putting in pet meals.

Regarding the dose, follow the guidelines that manufacturers emphasize on the packaging of CBD products for cats. Always start with the lowest dose (1mg of cannabidiol every 10 pounds of the cat’s weight). If you do not see improvement in the next hour, double your dose the next time. In extreme situations, you can triple or even quadruple it.

Occasional anxiety in cats is acceptable so that they become aware of the potential dangers and their surroundings. However, if this condition prolongs and threatens to turn into chronic, the owners must react and include natural products such as CBD oil in the treatment of their beloved pets.


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