Toshiba: The Ref Upgrade to Match Premium and Modern Lifestyle


You’ve upgraded to a smart TV, leveled up your home with voice-activated gadgets for easier control, and switched to an energy-saving inverter aircon. Shouldn’t you upgrade your kitchen, specifically your refrigerator next? With so many new features in refrigerators being introduced left and right, you might be wondering – what features do you elevate your refrigerator? 

Remember that no matter how many hi-tech features a brand-new refrigerator offers, if it consumes so much electricity, well, it is not exactly an upgrade.  This is why you should switch to an inverter refrigerator. An inverter ref lets you enjoy all the latest cooling solutions and features while keeping your electricity bills low. How? Simply put, an inverter ref’s compressor runs at a low but steady speed to always keep the ref temperature constant at all times and consistently preserve the freshness of the contents in the ref. Unlike conventional refs, its compressor does not start and stop which is a power-consuming process so your electricity consumption is greatly reduced. How’s that for a real upgrade? 

Once you’ve decided to get an inverter ref, the next step is to look for qualities that match your family’s needs and lifestyle. Toshiba Lifestyle Solutions, a world leader in home solutions, lists down three important features you should look for in an inverter refrigerator. Toshiba is a premium brand from Japan that embodies the Takumi Spirit which emphasizes craftsmanship, precision, and perfection. Check out these pointers when looking for a ref to match your family’s premium and modern lifestyle.

Toshiba French Door 18 cu ft. Refrigerator

Not all inverter refs are created equal.  There is a more premium option which is the dual inverter feature. The Toshiba French Door 18 cu ft. refrigerator has a Dual Inverter Technology that combines an inverter compressor with an inverter fan to significantly improve energy efficiency for precision and consistency. Its Humidity Control System lets you switch the humidity in its different compartments to keep fresh produce crisp, fruits juicy, moist, and even meats chilled and prepped for cooking without being frozen solid. How’s that for customized refrigeration? What’s more, this fridge also has an Alloy Cooling Technology for quicker dissipation of heat while cooling the fridge faster, and in a uniform manner so food stays fresh longer. All these functions while helping you save on electricity costs! Not only that – this fridge also offers maximized capacity for it is built to meet the daily needs of a big family of 6!

Toshiba Multi-Door T Type 22 cu ft refrigerator

The centerpiece of your modern kitchen. Your ref is the focal point of a kitchen that’s why it should complement your family’s premium lifestyle. The Toshiba Multi-Door T Type 22 cu ft refrigerator is one ref that exudes class and elegance with its seamless design and heartfelt details without compromising quality and convenience.   This ref is the perfect combination of style and function – it has a sleek look and features multiple features that function independently from one another, each compartment offers the right amount of cold air and the option to be switched on and off to keep food fresher, for longer. No need to worry about this fridge’s storage too. This fridge conveniently enables proper, easier, and maximum storage for families with up to 6 capacities too!  You can alter temperatures from a Deep Freeze mode (-18 C) to a Normal Fridge mode (up to +7C), depending on what your family needs at the moment.  Worried that bacteria might be lurking inside the ref because of all the raw food inside? No worries, this ref has the Plasma Pure ionizer sterilization technology that produces electrons and ions to prevent the growth of bacteria inside to keep your food odor-free, pure, and hygienic – ensuring the safety, good health, and well-being of your whole family.

Toshiba 7.0 cu ft. Two-Door Refrigerator Inverter

The size that fits. As much as it’s important to have a fridge that’s spacious and big enough to store food properly, it has to be the right size to fit your kitchen. A great option is the Toshiba 7.0 cu ft. Two-Door Refrigerator Inverter.  This fridge has a 12L Crisper Box that store a lot of food and product and keep them fresh because it regulates optimal humidity for longer-lasting freshness – perfect as well for families up to 4. Plus, as its name implies, it has an inverter compressor that maximizes energy efficiency while minimizing the wastage of stored food items. It also has an Ag+ Bio Deodorizer System that filters out odor and bacteria to keep your food items appetizing, fresh, safe, and healthy.

The right size, a sleek and elegant design, and inverter technology make all the advanced features worth having. These are just some of the details you should keep in mind when eyeing a new ref that will give your family a better, healthier experience for many years to come.  
So, if you’re ready to level up your home with efficient solutions that suit your family’s lifestyle needs, check out Toshiba refrigerators. You can score these products from Toshiba at all leading and major appliance stores nationwide.

To know more about Toshiba products and its efficient after-sales services, log on to You can also check out Toshiba Lifestyle Philippines’ online flagship stores on Lazada and Shopee Mall You can also follow Toshiba’s official social media pages @toshibalifestylephilppines on FB,  toshibalifestyleph on IG, Toshiba Lifestyle on Youtube, and   @toshibalifestylephilippines on Tiktok.


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