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Villa Del Conte Chocolates, Sweet as a Mother’s Love

Chocolates are often compared to love + sweetness and this Mother’s day, it may be one of the most common things given to moms but I’m sure she will enjoy every bite because it came from a loved one. This year, you can try and give an extra special box of chocolates made with love and full of sweetness from Villa Del Conte!

Villa Del Conte Celebrates Mother's Day

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Villa Del Conte Bonta Dark Chocolates – A Bite of Healthy Goodness!

Hubby and I love dark chocolates more than the other variants. And now, we’ll enjoy every bite without the guilt feeling coz Villa Del Conte came out with the healthy Bonta Dark Chocolates! Of course, let’s not forget, any thing that is too much is unhealthy, lol.


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Villa Del Conte – Delightful Gift Boxes for the Graduates!

March is graduation time for some and to make the occasion sweeter, a box of Villa Del Conte chocolates will convey your good wishes and praises even better!

March is also my birth month and I would like to thank #VillaDelConte for sending in these mouthwatering chocolate bars πŸ™‚ <3

Villa Del Conte Chocolate Bars

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