Philam Life: The ABCs of Parenting School Tour

One of the measures of parenting success is the achievements of the children upon entering adulthood. Raising a child is a very challenging role but seeing them grow into a good and responsible individuals makes parenting very rewarding.

“Raising a family is not as easy as ABC, especially at the child’s formative years from ages 1 to 12. You have to focus on forming your child’s character while balancing work and family life,” said parenting and relationship consultant Maribel Dionisio.

Another challenge to address is starting a family. Most couples may feel confident that they are emotionally and mentally prepared for family life, but many would be doubtful about their financial capability to do so.

“A well-planned financial goal is also crucial in the early stages of starting a family,” said Dionisio. “For parents, especially those who are planning to have 2 or more kids, it is important that they start planning for their kids’ college education as early as when their child starts to walk,” Dionisio continues.

Philam Life: The ABCs of Parenting School Tour

Parenting and Relationship Consultant Maribel Dionisio with Atty. Tabayoyong, a parent participant in one of “The ABCs of Parenting” school talk