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Luftonic Air Purifiers: Proven to Destroy Live Coronaviruses in Home and Workspaces

As we try to effectively move past the era of the Pandemic, we have taken every bit of precaution that we can to ensure that we don’t allow COVID to take hold of us wherever we go. While we’re out, we go around in masks, we disinfect when we can, and we keep a safe distance from others in public. While we’re out, we do our best to have our guard up in an effort to stay healthy. It’s a different case when we’re at home or when we’re working. These are meant to be our safe spaces where we can ease up and be comfortable. Hence, it’s up to us to keep these safe spaces as safe as we possibly can and, when it comes to that, our comfort – our break from our everyday battle with COVID – is worth every effort. To make sure that the air we breathe at these places stays safe, Luftonic brings you state-of-the-art German air purifiers that are proven and certified to destroy live unwelcome Coronaviruses that may wander into your homes and workspaces.

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