Babae Ako, Babiyahe Ako: Women’s Month Event 2023

Grab Philippines and partner motorcycle taxi company MOVE IT recognized their top female driver- and delivery partners on Sunday, March 17, at the Babae Ako, Babiyahe Ako: Women’s Month Event. Recognized for their exemplary performance, high order and ride completion, and positive customer rating, the awardees stand as paragons of female excellence on the road. 


Pinoys Love their Nanays: GrabAds Insights Around Mother’s Day

Having close family ties is one of the hallmarks of Filipino culture. Hence, it comes as no surprise that holidays celebrating the family unit are much beloved in the Philippines. Among the most anticipated is Mother’s Day – and insights from GrabAds, the advertising arm of the leading superapp, show that Pinoys do get busy creating special moments for their nanays every second Sunday of May.