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SAMSUNG Curved TV – A Sexier Home Entertainment


Curved TV is the “in” thing in home entertainment these days. The bigger and curvier, the better, just so long as quality and viewer experience will not suffer. But of course, not all would want to buy a huge television along with the expensive price tag. But, here’s why you should go for a big, curvy one and best of all, made by Samsung.

Samsung Curved TV

Since its introduction to the market, curved televisions have been changing the way Filipino families consume entertainment. From merely just being plopped on couches, viewers get the chance to be transported to be “right there” in the captivating scenes they are watching.

The Curved TV is a technological marvel showing off its advancement in both aesthetic and functionality. Here are some of the benefits when you opt for a sexier home entertainment with Samsung Curved TVs:

It minimizes eye strain
Watching with family through flat TVs is often interrupted when you feel tired after a couple of series. But with the Samsung Curved TV’s screen that follows the natural curve of the eyes, you can now have more relaxed and enjoyable binge-watching sessions and movie marathons.

Moreover, Samsung Curved UHD TV produces powerful images that are closer to real life that may help reduce viewing fatigue versus lower HD quality TVs.

It enhances your perspective
The TV provides an added sense of depth and panoramic wrap-around effect, drawing audiences into the heart of the action. If you’re hosting a viewing party for a large group of friends, you can’t go wrong with this curved beauty. Wherever your guests are seated on the couch, they will get the same quality as the one watching in the middle.

With variants that offer cinematic, sharp and vibrant picture quality, the Curved UHD TV goes beyond the normal color spectrum. The screen allows you to see various shades of the same color, creating striking images for a more immersive viewing experience.

Samsung Curved TV

It improves concentration
Samsung Curved TV’s distortion-free images let viewers better focus on what is being shown on the display. Compared to flat TVs with a wider perspective, the optimum curvature and stunning picture of the Samsung Curved TV help viewers to concentrate without hassle, especially during fast-paced sequences.

Since the Samsung Curved UHD TV offers more pixels tightly packed with higher resolutions, viewers can get stunning images that can help them watch riveting scenes with intricate details without getting distracted.

Explore the realm of the extraordinary and immerse yourself in a sexier home entertainment experience. Samsung is giving special discounts for curved TVs when purchased straight via cash or card from participating Samsung authorized dealers until June 30. For more information, like Samsung on Facebook or log on to

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