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Become a Bayad Center Partner #TatakSigurado

For a very busy mom like me, going out to pay bills is really stressful, especially if payment centers are out of the way or will take you some valuable time before you even get there. Hello, traffic! Let’s not forget the wasted time lining up!

Paying for household electricity, water, cable, and telephone bills is every homemaker’s dilemma. The worsening traffic, higher fares, and longer queues from one payment office to another, all contribute to the hassle and stress of every paying consumers has to withstand every month.

Become a Bayad Center Partner

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ELRO Retail Corporation Hailed Number 1!

To become number 1, the best of the best, the top sales producer locally and internationally is not an easy task. Congratulations to ELRO Retail Corporation for bagging a string of prestigious awards that recognizes their marketing and sales leadership in the Philippines and across the region.

ELRO was hailed as the Number One Sales Producer for the Oceania and Asia Region, in the recently concluded Grendene World Sales Convention held at the Sofitel Rio De Janiero in Brazil.

ELRO Retail Corporation wins big in local and international tilts
Francisco R. Elizalde, ELRO Retail Corporation President and Magno Kleber de Freitas, Grendene Export Manager

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Beauty Musings Education

Learn Professional Makeup Artistry & Aesthetics at The Skin and Makeup Institute

I’ve always wanted to learn about how to properly and beautifully put on makeup. Not that I am planning to pursue a career in professional makeup artistry but I just wanna look great in person and in photos especially now that selfies are trending, lol. I’ve taken a few classes actually but I feel that I need to learn more.

There are plenty of “makeup schools” but you have to choose the best in your area if you want to take it to the next level, you know, be a real pro and certified. Like for example if you’re in Phoenix Arizona, nothing beats The Skin and Makeup Institute, a top beauty school there where the most complete programs for students are available to learn how to become professional makeup artists and esthetician. Search it on google using these keywords “beauty school Phoenix” and I’m sure you won’t have trouble finding it.

The Skin and Makeup Institute Professional Makeup Artistry

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Goldilocks 50th Anniversary Cakes Found!!!

The Goldilocks 50th Anniversary Cakes in billboards nationwide had gone missing a few months ago and much buzz were created by the company to attract attention including print and Social Media. And now, the search is over! The missing Goldilocks cakes have been found!

Early last June, Goldilocks billboards in key areas of the metropolis simultaneously displayed a giant 50th Anniversary celebration cake. The signature cake was truly attention-grabbing, featuring a delightfully decorated mocha cake with a number 50 candle topping it off.

Roughly a week later, however, countless people were perplexed when these cakes literally went missing, leaving a gaping cake-shaped hole hole right in the middle of the billboards. Discussions and theories flew left and right on social media, with news reports in mainstream print and television following suit. People wanted to know… where was the Goldilocks 50th Anniversary Cake?

Goldilocks 50th Anniversary Cakes Found

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Philam Life and World Vision Sponsor A Child

We always hear our elders say that the next generation is the future of our country. I agree, that’s why my husband and I are doing everything we can to plan and save for our children’s education and future. Kudos to companies and organizations too, such as Philam Life and World Vision for helping indigent families to have bright future ahead.

International humanitarian organization, World Vision, has been making a profound impact on the lives of children in need. Through the help of sponsors and donors, the organization continues to improve the lives of impoverished children and their communities by giving them access to opportunities for a full and better life.

Philam Life and World Vision Sponsor A Child

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Entertainment Music

RTL CBS Entertainment: 4th Impact on The X Factor UK

Love this group of sisters, the 4TH Impact who almost made it at The X Factor UK. Sad that they didn’t bag the grand prize but happy for them because at least they’ve become popular somehow. Audience impact was so deafening and they were really great with choreography and let’s not forget, their great performances up to the last appearance!

RTL CBS Entertainment - 4th Impact on X Factor UK Season 13

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Health Buzz

Crusade Against Cancer

When a positive spirit moves towards healing the body, there is no way for illness to conquer it. That is the mission behind the Crusade Against Cancer, fought by David E. Taylor of the Joshua Media Ministries. It is the amazing, powerful crusade lead by David Taylor that works to bring the healing spirit of Jesus Christ into the lives and the bodies of those who need it, and to those who are willing to humble themselves before the great healing spirit.

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Health Buzz

Essilor Earned Top 5 in 2016 Newsweek Green Rankings

Essilor, the world’s leading ophthalmic optics company, recently ranked top 5 in the 2016 Newsweek Green Rankings, one of the world’s most recognized corporate environment rankings which evaluates the total environmental performance of the 500 largest publicly traded companies in the United States and the 500 largest publicly traded companies globally.

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Health Buzz

Del Monte Heart Smart and PATACSI Raise Awareness on High Cholesterol

Bad cholesterol will always be a problem if people will not heed the doctors’ advises. There are plenty of things to do to prevent heart disease and if only we are all aware of the repercussions, live a healthy lifestyle, thus less financial difficulties and of course, loss of loved ones. This is where Del Monte Pineapple Juice Heart Smart comes in! Helping lower down cholesterol levels to prevent heart disease and any related illnesses!

Del Monte Philippines

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Philam Life: Most Trusted Brand in Insurance

Do you already have a life insurance? Is you home insured? Are you looking for a local insurance company that is most trusted by many? You may want to look into Philam Life’s mission and vision to know more about the company.

 photo PhilamLife_zps1i7iot47.jpg

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