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Managing Throat Health with Bactidol


Keeping safe and sane is the key to keeping the balance in our lives, but like everyone else, we sometimes ask the question – HOW do we keep safe? One important thing that we should consider and never be negligent about is – throat health. 

How daunting could it be to experience the early signs of a sore throat? The dryness & itchy feeling in your throat that doesn’t seem to be going away. Well, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention & Mayo Clinic, here are some tips to prevent it and how to take care of your throat:

  • Avoiding people who are sick
  • Avoid sharing food or utensils with others
  • Drinking fluids like water to prevent dehydration

When the start of the itchy feeling arrives, one can only do so much with home remedies. Instead, an ideal solution is gargling with an oral antiseptic like Hexetidine (Bactidol), in order for us to be #ProtektadoAgad.

The product comes in two formats: a gargle and a lozenge. With the Hexetidine (Bactidol) gargle, you can go through the motions of preparing this in the comfort of your own home, while the Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol + Amylmetacresol (Bactidol Extra Soothing) lozenge is something you can bring as added protection when you go leave the house. (Hexetidine) Bactidol gargle has long-lasting protection of up to 12 hours and works as fast as 30 seconds. Its accessibility has also been met with positive testimonies, the fact that you can see it at any drugstore and supermarket nationwide makes it easy to include in your daily essentials kits. 


“Going out in the new normal, we need to make sure that we are ready with our everyday essentials — may it be bringing alcohol, wearing your mask, or having medicine with us in case of emergencies. This also entails being ready when we are faced with early signs of a sore throat that may develop into something worse. (Hexetidine) Bactidol gargle helps protect you from sore-throat-causing viruses because it gives you up to 12 hours of protection and can soothe your throat in as fast as 30 seconds.” – Chili Perez, senior brand manager for J&J Philippines

Hexetidine (Bactidol) gargle & the Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol + Amylmetacresol (Bactidol Extra Soothing) lozenge are available in leading supermarkets and drugstores and on the official Johnson & Johnson Shopee and Lazada pages.  Get 10% OFF with a minimum P500 spend (maximum discount is at P50) when you shop via Shopee and get 10% OFF with a minimum P500 spend (maximum discount is at P50) when you shop at the Pagaling Ka homepage on the official Johnson & Johnson LazMall.

For more information on Bactidol® visit their website at and follow Bactidol® on Facebook @Bactidoljjph.


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