Life Lessons from the Pandemic


The COVID-19 outbreak has been putting a large amount of stress on everyone. However, we must also remember that this is not going to last forever and that if we are open to it, we can learn many life lessons that can help us live better lives.

Here are some valuable lessons we can take from the health scare and enhanced community quarantine. 

Be prepared for any scenario. The best defense we can have against life’s uncertainties is to be ready for anything. Have an emergency fund and insurance for chaotic times like these. If you haven’t yet, build up a savings plan or take out health insurance— these are a couple of the best ways to deal with financial setbacks that may be caused by unforeseen events.

Make adjustments to your lifestyle. Since restaurants and gyms have been either limited or closed, this pandemic has been teaching us to eat better, get enough sleep, and make time to exercise even at home. Remember, what you do every day essentially affects how long and how well you’ll live. It’s always better to establish good habits sooner rather than later.  

Be a friend of the environment. COVID-19 has been a wake-up call to how badly we’ve been treating the environment. With the enhanced community quarantine in place and limited cars on the road, nature has been healing, as evident in the smog-free skies. Taking even small steps like carpooling, recycling, and planting more trees can help further restore the balance of nature.

Life lesson from the pandemic AXA Philippines

Take time for yourself. Participating in the rat race entails multitasking and promotes staying busy as a measure of success. Taking breaks to unplug and recharge is usually seen as weakness. However, overexerting yourself is unhealthy so it’s best to listen to your body. You are not required to stay busy. One of the silver linings of the pandemic is the gift of time. Use it wisely to honor your needs, whether that is reading a book or simply having more time for family.

Share your blessings with others. We should try helping those who find it hard to get by. In addition to the numerous deaths and cases, the pandemic has brought on negative economic implications: small businesses are closing, many people are losing their jobs and are finding it hard to take care of themselves and their families. We must strive to be empathic and give what we can – no amount or donation is too small. In the same vein, now is also a good time to show Pinoy pride and support local businesses. For more information on AXA Philippines insurance products, visit


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This Crisis really brings out the best and bad out of all of us.I stongly agree mamu we can do something to make a difference.Instead of disobeying our govt. We should to something to help someone and not to spread the virus.

There are really lots of realizations this pandemic.Isa na diyan yung kalinisan na before tinatake granted lang natin.Ngayon very OC na at sana madala natin ito hanggang matapos ang pandemic na to.

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