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Keep Moisture Out with The CHERRY DEHUMIDIFIER PRO


There’s no doubt, rainy days are for sipping a hot cup of coffee while staying warm and cozy under your sheets.  News flash: drizzles and showers don’t always equate to bed weather as it is also the time when moisture in the air increases. This results in the accumulation of bacteria that can cause irritation and even damage your leather goods, yikes!

Lucky for you, CHERRY introduces a new product that will protect you this allergy season and similarly, your prized bags and shoes—the Cherry Dehumidifier Pro which retails at P7,500.

It features powerful removal of excessive moisture of up to 12L/day and consequently reduces the buildup of bacteria, molds, mildew, and dust mites. It also boasts of an Intelligent Dehumidifying Technology, allowing it to detect the humidity level of the room and have the ability to decide whether it stays running or shuts down once the ideal humidity level has been reached.


It is also equipped with a child lock feature which shall keep your kids from pushing any button and accidentally turning the dehumidifier off. The Cherry Dehumidifier Pro efficiently covers a relatively large room size of up to 20sqm and is also ideal for nighttime use with its Low Noise feature. Finally, you do not have to worry about your power consumption as this is impressively energy-saving, truly fit for a modern lifestyle.

Sleep soundly and simply enjoy the sound of rain at the comfort of your home with the Cherry Dehumidifier Pro. For more information, visit:

Cherry Shop PH:


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