Go Shopping Philippines Soft Launch Postponed


It is with sincere apologies that Go Shopping Philippines, and GEP Solutions, the partner developer would like to inform their friends in the media and the general public that there is a need to postpone the Go Shopping Philippines soft launch because IOS is still needing time to continue to review their registration.

Considering that this project is such a gargantuan system development, it is understandable that deep scrutiny will be done, and this is why the company has submitted its application way ahead of time. However, the situation is aggravated by the fact that the pandemic has caused the Apple store to operate slower than usual and this is evident in their own statement on their website.

Furthermore, on June 7, 2021, Apple released new policies and guidelines that changed the scenario for the developers to adhere to adjustments the company had complied with already.

They shall wait for the IOS approval in the next two weeks and will definitely open the E-Commerce site by the end of July whether they get the IOS accreditation or not.  This means they will serve their customers with just the Android registration and people can download the site using only Google Play while waiting for Apple App to be functional.  If they have the choice, it is best to launch with both Google Play and App Store together.  However, if it takes a longer time to wait for the other, they will proceed definitely, with just Google Play.

In the meantime, they will continue the Beta Testing while waiting for the IOS approval for two weeks more, and ensure that the system will be running smoothly, hopefully, devoid of glitzes and other threats.

Go Shopping Philippines and GEP Solutions understand that since there are many facets of their mega app that need deeper scrutiny, they do not blame Apple in doing what they need to do. Under the circumstances, however, they seek understanding from the general public and continue to communicate to all with excitement that alas, a Filipino mega E-commerce App is about to serve them. The soft launch will happen on July 31, 2021.


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