Free Ladyboys and Transsexual Dating Websites Are On the Rise


The growing number of gender identities is a hot topic for all sectors and niches of society. From supporters to dissenters, it’s still not everyone’s cup of tea and there’s still more people not accepting and embracing the idea of it. Some people give their full support for the LGBT+ but a lot more are still on their way to adjusting and aligning their mindsets. Even after creating laws to protect the interests and rights of LGBT+, these beautiful people are still being discriminated at work, in the park, at church or even in school. You can read more about the hardships of the LGBT+ community here.  

The battle to create protection and acceptance for the trans people from discrimination due to their chosen gender identities and sexual orientation continues forward. These attritions come in different forms which include bullying in school, isolation at work, rejection from their own family and many more.

However, people can’t deny the fact that the world is constantly evolving and so is our society. As the saying goes, change is the only constant thing in life. The more we resist to change harder it is for growth to manifest. There is no way to avoid changes in society and resistance would just cause more pain.

Fortunately, technology has also developed as society has been evolving. With the help of technology, the trans community can take the benefit of such innovation which is the internet. The trannies and ladyboys can now connect with other people online away from the fear of those judging eyes. The internet has created many innovative things and one of these is online dating. Online dating is a platform that enables people to look for someone online to develop personal, romantic, or sexual relationships depending on their preference. It has now become more convenient for everyone to look for a partner online with the help of dating websites. These websites have been developed to catering specific needs and interests where you can filter your search to categories that will match your preferences. Several transgender dating sites have been developed now to address specific needs and here are the top free tranny sites available:

Free Ladyboys and Transsexual Dating Websites Are On the Rise 1 is considered as one of the top transgender dating sites available online now. This platform is the one for you if you are looking for someone to have casual sex with or a hookup. This was initially created for trannies and gays to have a safe place online but nowadays, people from all walks of life including straight men, women and even couples who are up for some fun or steaming threesome are now using this website too. This site is pretty candid where users reveal their intents, gender, and sexual orientation. is convenient to use and signing up is for free. Aside from being asked for a few of your personal information, you will also have to provide your sex and what are your preferences. If you want to express more, you can include writing something personal in the about me section.


Tsdates, just like is also considered as one of the top transgender dating sites available now. For people who want to have a relationship with a tranny, this site is the one for you. This platform was originally developed for transgender, transsexual and transvestites but they can also accommodate straight men and women. This platform has a wide pool of users with over 80 million members worldwide. This only means that on this site, you have bigger luck in finding a match for you.

Signing up and creating a profile is for free but some special features are only accessible if you upgrade to a premium membership. However, the free features are already enough for you to browse through different profiles, send messages to any member, and start flirting.


Grindr is considered the biggest social network and dating mobile application where the majority of the subscribers are gays, bi, and trans. It is a location-based mobile application where members can see those who are online and also those who close to them. You can even check how close they are to you. With the use of this app, it is feasible to find a match for you whether for a hook-up or a relationship anytime and anywhere in the world. You can check this page know how to use Grindr:


OKcupid is one of the oldest dating sites there is. This platform has been around for a very long time already and has a wide pool of users of approximately 30 million members now and has at least a million users online daily. OKcupid caters to all genders and does not discriminate even the transgender community.

OKcupid, just like TSdates, is for free and if you wanted to unlock special features, you need to upgrade your membership to a premium one. This is also known for their matching algorithm where they ask you 7 yes or no questions after you sign up. By giving out your answers to these questions, the algorithm gets adequate data to match you with people that you might be interested in. The site has various classifications of users and having an algorithm that aids you to achieve what you are interested in surely makes things convenient.

Match is a leading dating site for singles for over 20 years now. Luckily, is also created for all genders and welcomes all types of sexual orientations.  On this website, you can already start browsing through profiles without even signing up yet. Creating a profile is also for free, however, if you wanted to start sending messages, you need to upgrade your membership. The convenience of online dating has allowed relationships to be taken lightly. Love has become cheap and sex as easy as a click of the button. These are the prices we pay for the technology that has been bestowed upon us. Yet, it is still up to us to alleviate and withhold the integrity of relationships. Let us treasure every moment we have with each other and still love truly even in our internet-connected but socially disconnected world.


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