Create a Learning Space for your Kids at Home with Landers


Due to the pandemic, distance learning is considered as the new norm. Make home learning fun and enjoyable for your kids by creating a fully functional learning space for them.

Landers Superstore also has the necessary items to create a study corner that will inspire your little ones to give their best in their school work. 

Desk. Of course, every learning space needs a proper desk. One option you can get from Landers Superstore is the YourZone Kids Activity Set perfect for kids aged 3 to 6. For only Php 2999.27, you get a sturdy, wood frame table with a dry-erase tabletop. For the slightly older kids, you can also choose from other desks like the Lifetime Kids Folding Table or the Adams Quik-Fold Side Table.

Landers Create a learning space for your kids at home with Landers

Chairs. Comfortable and functional, the brand Sudden Comfort offers different chair designs available at Landers, such as the Deluxe Vinyl Padded Folding Chair and the Double Brace Chair which can be great additions to your kid’s learning space.

Lighting. Since proper lighting affects concentration, you can also add in an Aldrin Desktop Touch Light which is kid-proof and easy to operate!

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Brain drinks. To keep their energy and alertness up, Landers Superstore offers refreshing and nourishing drinks like the creamy and calcium-packed Cowhead Original Yogurt Drink, the rich Asturiana Chocolate Flavored Milk, or the Natural One Juices which come in different flavors.

Nutritious snacks. If they want to take a quick break, Landers Superstore has got them covered with tasty and healthy treats such as the Nature Valley Bars made with natural wholegrain oats, the crunchy Gullon Mini Fish Crackers, and the irresistible Cheez It White Cheddar Crackers. Aside from those, you can also reward their good work with some freshly baked goods like light and buttery Dough and Co. Chocolate Chip Muffins or the soft and cheesy Nic’s Cheese Rolls.

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On top of these, Landers Superstore offers has a wide selection of other   distance learning essentials in its website — from crayons and art sets to educational toys and coloring books. The best part is you can have all of those items and more delivered straight to your doorstep with Landers Superstore’s delivery service.

Landers is offering a 25% discount on memberships for the whole month of August. To apply for membership simply visit For more school must-haves, make sure to follow @LandersPH on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates.


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